Teacher Training in Sydney: Interview with Head of Teacher Training, Yanina Leigh

  Teacher Training in Sydney: Interview with Yanina Leigh Sydney is one of the jewels of Australia! The CELTA centre in Sydney is a great…


Teacher Training in Sydney: Interview with Yanina Leigh

Sydney is one of the jewels of Australia! The CELTA centre in Sydney is a great way to get trained up and start your English Teaching career in Australia. The schools has two locations; CBD and Bondi Beach, so you can find a CELTA that suits your needs. The CELTA centre in Sydney is also one of few centres that was named StudyCELTA’s Premium Centres of 2020.

Sydney is also the idyllic place to spend time in once you have completed your CELTA. There are plenty of beaches, parks and wealth of diversity within the city, which is reflected in their neighbourhoods and restaurants.

We speak with Yanina Leigh who is Head of Teacher Training in Sydney. She talks to us about her own experiences in English Language Teaching, the ELT job market in Sydney and why you should take the CELTA.

Teacher Training in Sydney

Hi Yanina, thanks for speaking with us. Throughout your CELTA career, where around the world have you taught? Do you have a favourite place?  

I have taught in Argentina, The US, New Zealand and Australia. It’s hard to say which my favourite place is. I love travelling and getting to know different cultures.

Why would you recommend the CELTA to someone who is looking to teach abroad?

Because CELTA is an internationally renowned qualification. Wherever you go, CELTA will be valid and acknowledged as a high quality qualification. When you take a CELTA, you know you’re getting quality training with lots of hands-on experience that prepares you for real teaching in the real world.

You are now Head of Teacher Training at the Sydney centre. What career path/qualifications did you take to get where you are?

After CELTA I took the DELTA qualification at Sydney. I then studied a Masters of Applied Linguistics at Monash University

What has been the highlight of your ELT career so far?

Teaching in different countries, meeting people from all walks of life and from such different cultures. It has been a constant learning experience.

What is the job market like in Sydney?

It’s seasonal. Schools aren’t as busy during winter months as they are during summer months but there are work opportunities all year round.

Check out TEFLwork for opportunities for post-CELTA jobs.

What are the facilities like at the Sydney centre? What can trainees expect on-site?

Trainees can expect classrooms equipped with a computer and projector to support them when teaching their lessons. They can also expect a preparation room exclusively dedicated to students undertaking a teacher training course.

What would be your number one recommendation for trainees to do in Sydney once they have completed their CELTA?

Relax after a hard 4 or 10 weeks (depending on the course they choose!), take it easy for a few days and re-charge your batteries because your first real job is just round the corner!

StudyCELTA’s Recommendations around Sydney

Of course, the Sydney Opera House is an international landmark and one of the first images you think of when thinking of the city. This is a must if you are in Sydney, you can either stroll along the harbour and look at the exterior free of charge or you can have a guided tour inside—or even better, buy tickets for a concert.

The Rocks is also a must! This now trendy neighbourhood is one of the oldest areas in Sydney as it was known as the “slum” because arriving convicts would most likely to live on this side of town. Now, it is full of boutique stores, cool cafes and one of the oldest pubs in Sydney – Fortunate of War.

Other great attractions to do while you are in the city include Taronga Zoo for a fun day out, the Observatory Hill for 360-degree views and a leisurely day out to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

For visitor information on Sydney, check the tourist information website. 

Upgrade Your CELTA to a CERT IV TESOL

The CELTA centre in Sydney can upgrade your CELTA to a CERT IV TESOL. This means that once you have completed your CELTA you can then spend an extra four weeks upgrade the qualification.

A CERT IV TESOL is a nationally accredited certificate that teaches you the principles of English language teaching. The certificate is a desirable qualification by many schools in Australia.

Apply for a CELTA course in Sydney!

Applying is completely free and the initial step takes no more than 15 minutes with our online application form. Once you have applied, you will then be sent a pre-interview task, where you will be faced with a series of grammar and language awareness questions. This is to show the CELTA Tutor your language proficiency, so they know you are able to take a CELTA course. If successful, you will then be asked for an interview, which can be done at the centre or via Skype.

For more information about taking a CELTA in Sydney, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a StudyCELTA member of staff at info@studycelta.com