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New CELTA fully online

Cambridge Assessment has granted that students can now take the CELTA 100% online. Applications for taking the CELTA entirely online are currently available. CELTA trainees can take the course from the safety of their homes. Find a CELTA course and start your TEFL journey!

How will the CELTA course online work?

The course will have exactly the same content as the CELTA face to face full time and part time options. The only difference is that classes will be live-streamed through a video sharing platform. Likewise, just like the face to face CELTA course there will still be "hands-on" teaching practice. More importantly, a certified CELTA Assessor will assesses and moderate your teaching. At the end of the course you will receive the same CELTA certification no matter if you complete it face to face or fully online.

There are many opportunities for CELTA graduates to work at English language schools around the world and as online English teachers. We will keep you posted about job opportunities via TEFLwork. Find a CELTA course a start your career!

If you are worried about how to prepare for the CELTA online or face to face course see this article with plenty of information click Prepare for CELTA
Moreover, see the highly recommended Preparation for CELTA online bundle course offered by ELTcampus.

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57 Years of CELTA: Course History

An Interview with Claire Potter: Director of Teacher Training, Malaga

An Interview with Iñigo Casis: Head of Studies, San Sebastián, Spain

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CELTA Courses Adelaide, Australia

CELTA Courses Alexandria, Egypt

CELTA Courses Ankara, Turkey

CELTA Courses Atlanta, Georgia

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CELTA Courses Austin, Texas, USA

CELTA Courses Auvergne, France

CELTA Courses Bandung, Indonesia

CELTA Courses Barcelona, Spain

CELTA Courses Bari, Italy

CELTA Courses Barletta, Italy

CELTA Courses Belfast, UK

CELTA Courses Bergamo, Italy

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CELTA Courses Bogota, Colombia

CELTA Courses Boston, Massachusetts

CELTA Courses Bournemouth, UK

CELTA Courses Brighton, UK

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CELTA Courses Bristol, UK

CELTA Courses Brittany, France

CELTA Courses Budapest, Hungary

CELTA Courses Buenos Aires

CELTA Courses Cairo, Egypt

CELTA Courses Cambridge, UK

CELTA Courses Canterbury, UK

CELTA Courses Cape Town, South Africa

CELTA Courses Catania, Italy

CELTA Courses Cebu, Philippines

CELTA Courses České Budějovice (Budweis), Czech Republic

CELTA Courses Chicago

CELTA Courses Chisinau, Moldova

CELTA Courses Cork, Ireland

CELTA Courses Cuernavaca, Mexico

CELTA Courses Derry, UK

CELTA Courses Dubai, UAE

CELTA Courses Dublin, Ireland

CELTA Courses Edinburgh, UK

CELTA Courses Florence, Italy

CELTA Courses Frankfurt, Germany

CELTA Courses Galway, Ireland

CELTA Courses Gran Canaria, Spain

CELTA Courses Guadalajara, Mexico

CELTA Courses Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

CELTA Courses Honolulu, Hawaii

CELTA Courses Houston, Texas

CELTA Courses Istanbul, Turkey

CELTA Courses Izmir, Turkey

CELTA Courses Jakarta, Indonesia

CELTA Courses Jerez, Spain

CELTA Courses Johannesburg, South Africa

CELTA Courses Kiev, Ukraine

CELTA Courses Kobe, Japan

CELTA Courses Krakow, Poland

CELTA Courses Krasnodar, Russia

CELTA Courses La Spezia, Italy

CELTA Courses Lahore, Pakistan

CELTA Courses Leeds, UK

CELTA Courses Limerick, Ireland

CELTA Courses Lisbon, Portugal

CELTA Courses Liverpool, UK

CELTA Courses London, UK

CELTA Courses Los Angeles, USA

CELTA Courses Lyon, France

CELTA Courses Madrid, Spain

CELTA Courses Malaga, Spain

CELTA Courses Malta

CELTA Courses Manchester, UK

CELTA Courses Medellin, Colombia

CELTA Courses Melbourne, Australia

CELTA Courses Mexico City, Mexico

CELTA Courses Miami, Florida

CELTA Courses Milan, Italy

CELTA Courses Montreal, Canada

CELTA Courses Moscow, Russia

CELTA Courses Muscat, Oman

CELTA Courses New York City

CELTA Courses Newcastle, UK

CELTA Courses Oviedo (Asturias), Spain

CELTA Courses Oxford, UK

CELTA Courses Padua, Italy

CELTA Courses Palermo, Italy

CELTA Courses Penang, Malaysia

CELTA Courses Perth, Australia

CELTA Courses Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CELTA Courses Portland, Oregon

CELTA Courses Prague, Czech Republic

CELTA Courses Quito, Ecuador

CELTA Courses Reggio Calabria, Italy

CELTA Courses Riviera Maya, Mexico

CELTA Courses Rome, Italy

CELTA Courses Rostov-on-Don, Russia

CELTA Courses San Diego, California

CELTA Courses San Sebastian, Spain

CELTA Courses Santiago de Compostela, Spain

CELTA Courses Seoul, South Korea

CELTA Courses Seville, Spain

CELTA Courses Siem Reap, Cambodia

CELTA Courses Sinaloa, Mexico

CELTA Courses Skopje, North Macedonia

CELTA Courses Sofia, Bulgaria

CELTA Courses Springfield, Missouri

CELTA Courses Strasbourg, France

CELTA Courses Sunshine Coast, Australia

CELTA Courses Sydney, Australia

CELTA Courses Torbay, UK

CELTA Courses Toronto, Canada

CELTA Courses Torreon, Mexico

CELTA Courses Valencia, Spain

CELTA Courses Vancouver, Canada

CELTA Courses Warsaw, Poland

CELTA Courses Washington DC, USA

CELTA Courses West Manama, Bahrain

CELTA Courses Wroclaw, Poland

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Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – great value, great experience

Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – relaxed pace and flexible

Online CELTA via Warsaw – also for experienced teachers!

Online Young Learners Course

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