What is The-Pre-Interview Task

What is a CELTA Pre Interview Task?

The Pre-Interview Task (PIT) is the second step of the selection process to get onto the CELTA course. If you have applied to a centre accredited by the University of Cambridge, chances are you were also sent a request to complete a PIT by the school.
A PIT consists of a series of activities and questions. They are assigned to aspiring teacher trainers to give tutors an idea of your English level, language awareness, your inner motivations to become a teacher, your attitude to learning and, last but not least, it is meant to make you reflect on the experience of learning a language.

CELTA is learner centred. Therefore, to be able to understand the learning process it is key for you to succeed in the course.
Different schools can decide to adopt different PITs. However, they all serve the same purpose. Some schools may assign you the task to write an essay of 750 words on why you think you would be a good English teacher; some other’s may ask you to correct the mistakes of sentences, individuate grammatical structures or simply talk about a learning experience that you had and what you learnt from it.

You can’t pass or fail the PIT; however, this is used to help the tutor understand whether a candidate is ready for an intensive and challenging course like CELTA. Hence, it comes without saying that if you have no clue about language structure and your level is not proficient, you may need some more time to get yourself ready for the course. In spite of the fact that the course will focus on teaching the language all-around, you will still have to learn a great deal of grammatical terms and concepts so that you can pass the knowledge to your students.

What does the PIT look like?

The Pre-Interview Task may look like this:

Or may look like this one instead:

The Pre-Interview-Task(3)

Or it could even look like this:

The Pre-Interview-Task(3)

Common mistakes and suggestions about how to avoid them.

Whatever your task looks like, make sure you proofread before sending it off. It is very easy to do typos or spelling mistakes. Whether your mother tongue is English or you have a very high level of proficiency, if you have doubts about how a word is spelled, make sure you can cross reference it from a good dictionary. It will ensure you achieve the best result!

Another suggestion we have for you is to check that you have the rules on capitalisation of words very clear. Especially if your background is of a language other than English. Proper names, languages and countries names (Spanish and not spanish), first person subject such as I, etc. they all must have a capital letter.

Check the sentence structure: if you notice you are writing very long sentences, try to break them down into smaller ones. It is always better to write smaller, simpler but well-structured sentences than to write very long ones that may keep the reader holding the breath until the sentence is finished! (Just like this one I have done to show you!)
Finally, make sure you revise your task a couple of times. Proofread it carefully and, if needed, make the relevant adjustments.

Once you are okay with this task, you are good to send it back!

The Pre-Interview Task Good Luck

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