Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretations in these Conditions

StudyCELTA is a consultancy service to help candidates with the initial steps of their applications. We work worldwide with accredited centres, providers of teacher training programmes. We help these centres with the marketing of their courses as well as with the administration of the candidates’ applications. We offer a wide selection of Cambridge CELTA and DELTA courses that are ran by trusted and accredited CELTA and DELTA certified Centres from across the globe, ensuring candidates have a smooth application process.

2. Registration

We would recommend that you apply for a vacancy in the CELTA or DELTA course that you are interested in as soon as possible, as course places in our teacher training centre partners are limited and the demand for these kinds of courses is very high. Considering that, all going well, an application process may take up two weeks, applying with a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks before the course starting date is advised in order to secure a vacancy on the course requested. However, due to unexpected cancelations and changes last minute vacancies may become available closer to starting date.  It is because of all of that that we always suggest asking about availability on the course that you are interested, even if it is just a few days before starting date.

3. Course and Program Acceptance

Acceptance on any of the courses promoted on our website is at the complete discretion of the tutor for the centre applied for. Use of our applications forms, contact forms and eligibility tests do not guarantee acceptance on to any course. In the case of a candidate not being suitable for a course or in a case of application plagiarism, it is at the discretion of the tutor at the centre the candidate has applied for to decide whether to accept their application or deny their application.

4. Payment Policy

Once you have undergone the application process, if a vacancy has been offered to you by the teacher training centre, they will contact yourself directly to organise payment. Payment is not organised through StudyCELTA, we don’t charge students or collect any payments from them.

Normally, except for last minute bookings, you will have 7 days from the moment the vacancy is offered to secure your CELTA or DELTA place on the course via the payment of a deposit to the Training centre. Remaining course fees (balance) are normally to be paid to the centre 4 weeks before the course starts at the latest, unless otherwise indicated. We recommend to book as early as possible to avoid availability problems and late charges.

5. Complaints

Should you have difficulties with the training centre, tutors or accommodation, first contact the centre management. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, get in touch with us immediately by letter or by email and not after returning home. Notwithstanding the provisions of this agreement excluding legal obligation or liability on its part, nevertheless StudyCELTA will in the event of a complaint by a student against an overseas body in connection with its preferred course or associated accommodation, use its best endeavours to rectify the situation to the reasonable satisfaction of the student provided that such complaint was notified to the appropriate persons at the teacher training centre as soon as reasonably practicable. Complaints can only be properly addressed when made before termination of the program.

6. Cancellation Policy

As well as the pricing policy, the cancellation policy is established by each teacher training centre. Once you have been accepted on to the course and before making any payment to the centre we recommend you to carefully read the cancellation policy set by the centre that you are accepting an offer of place from.

To find out the exact details please, refer to the information about cancellations in the information page of each of the teacher training centres. Some of the centres may have their cancellation policy included within the pre-interview task. Please, before making any payment to the centre, read the information about cancellations provided by the teacher training centre. If not found or provided, we encourage you to ask the centre for it upon receiving an offer of place and before making any payment to the centre.

7. Liability

StudyCELTA is not liable if the negligence or failure to fulfil the contract is due to failure by the clients, unforeseen occurrences and occurrences which could not be averted by a third party, Act of God or an event which StudyCELTA or the service provider could not have foreseen or averted despite all care.

StudyCELTA does not collect any payments from the students, students pay directly to the centres offering the programmes of their choice. The students don’t enter into a contract with StudyCELTA but with the centre they accept an offer of place from and where the course takes place.

8. Insurance

You are responsible for sufficient accident and medical insurance coverage for face-to-face courses. It is advisable to adapt accident and health insurances to the needs of the respective country you are travelling to and also to take out a theft and luggage insurance.


According to EU law you may request to view your data stored in our database at any point in time by completing the online form here.

You are also able to request to have your data deleted from our database at any point in time by completing the online form here.

These terms and conditions are not binding for those that have just filled out the application package and have initiated the application process. These terms and conditions only apply from the moment a vacancy is offered and the student pays for the deposit to secure the vacancy, from that moment, the terms and conditions mentioned above are binding.

For further information contact us on info@studycelta.com.