CELTA in Madrid: A Guide to the Spanish Capital!

  Start you ELT journey and take the CELTA in Madrid! The capital of Spain, located right in the centre of the country, Madrid offers…

Start you ELT journey and take the CELTA in Madrid! The capital of Spain, located right in the centre of the country, Madrid offers so much when it comes to a buzzing cultural scene, picturesque parks and nightlife. Not to mention it’s an ELT hub (as is Spain as a whole), so it’s a brilliant place to get stuck in and start English language teaching.

We look at some of the must do sights when you are in the capital. Obviously, the top places should be explored/visited before or after you have finished your CELTA, to help inspire you or get some much-needed rest when you have finished the course. So here’s our CELTA guide to some of the best things to see and do in Madrid!

The Royal Palace

The official home of the Spanish Royal family is a main attraction to see and it quite the spectacle. The royal palace is home to centuries worth of history, paints, armour and furniture. It’s open to tourists and is mainly used for official ceremonies, as the royal family mainly reside Zarzuela Palace, which is just outside of Madrid.

El Retiro Park

One of Madrid’s many beautiful Parks, El Retiro Park is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. In the heart of the park lays a large lake, which is popular amongst locals to go and sunbathe or a hire a rowing boat.

The park was built between 1634 and 1636, the lake was originally created to host water shows for royal events. In 1902, the monument of Alfonso XII was erected, which is quite the outstanding sight to see!

Rooftop bars

Madrid really does have a great skyline, especially around the famous street Gran Via. Our recommendations is the modern, multilevel rooftop bar 360 with its fantastic panoramic views and also Azotea del Circulo, which offers fantastic Spanish and Mediterranean food throughout the day and has a great list of classic drinks.

Cine Dore

An old and opulent cinema which offers a range of Hollywood classics and modern films is a must for any cinema buff, plus it serves food and cocktails. The cinema also has an interesting history as it was bombed during the Spanish Civil War.

If you watched Pedro Almodovar’s Talk to Her, you may have seen the building in the film!

Prado Museum

One of *the most* important art museums in Spain, Prado Museum (Museo Nacional del Prado) will allow you to discover masterpieces from classical to renaissance. You can spend hours here but it is a must once you have finished your CELTA in Madrid.

Vallehermoso Market

Another one of Spain’s amazing food markets, Vallehermoso Market can take you, one bite at a time, on a culinary experience around the world. It’s a must for a fun afternoon as the market opened up from being a traditional Spanish and Mediterranean market to now offering bars and restaurants so you can sit and eat some delicious local food, artisan offerings and world food from places like Japan, Thailand and Argentina — just to name a few!

CELTA in other Spanish locations

Madrid offers face-to-face full-time and part-time as well as Mixed Mode CELTA options. There are also other Spanish CELTA courses to choose from!

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