Online DELTA with Mexico City – time to book for 2021

Friday 18th December 2020

Online DELTA with Mexico City – time to book for 2021

100% online DELTA with Mexico City – time to book for 2021! You are loving life as an English teacher, have been teaching at a…

100% online DELTA with Mexico City – time to book for 2021!

You are loving life as an English teacher, have been teaching at a range of levels for at least a year and can still remember how great it felt to pass your CELTA or TESOL course? It sounds like you are ready for the DELTA!

The DELTA (Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a higher ELT qualification for experienced teachers, who either want to move into more senior teaching or directorial roles, or hone their skills as a teacher. You can check to see if you are eligible here.

The DELTA comprises three different modules, which collectively make the qualification. You can take the three different modules in any order and can gain the certificates for the three different modules. Remember however, you will only achieve the final certificate after you have successfully completed all three.

Mexico City is offering all three DELTA modules for you to take online from the comfort, convenience and safety of your own home!

There are plenty of reasons for taking the online DELTA modules with Mexico City!

  • Highly flexible! The course is a highly flexible course that allows you more time to prepare and get through the work involved. There is around 15-20 hours of work a week, so you can log on just once to twice a week, for four hours, and take the rest of the course at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Your choice! You choose the day and time for Teaching Practice according to your time zone and availability.
  • Free extra course! Besides providing you with unique materials, the teacher training centre in Mexico offers a complementary course on Teaching English Online, completely free of charge.
  • Additional educational tools and technological support! You will have specific training on how to use not only Zoom and G Suite, but also a range of educational tools for teaching purposes. You will also have access to the University of Manchester online library.  Live sessions are also recorded, meaning you are able to double check information. You will also be able to take advantage of sample demo lessons and assignments.
  • High quality, experienced teaching! You will be learning from highly-qualified, experienced trainers, including one CELTA assessor and one CELTA and DELTA assessor who also moderates other centres and courses around the world.
  • Jobs and career development! Part of the course is dedicated to professional development and finding work once you graduate. You will also have exclusive access to a network of recruitment agents in different parts of the world.
  • Great price! The modules are offered at a very competitive price, including a $200USD discount when you book to take all three modules via the location.

Orlando Delgado Mata, Cambridge CELTA & DELTA Assessor at Mexico City:

 “The DELTA is now much more flexible and easier to take than ever before! Now that the DELTA has gone online, we have kept the key essence of the DELTA as a very high-level ELT qualification while at the same time allowing for that extra flexibility and scaffolding that the online format permits.

On top of that, our programme provides so many extra resources that our candidates appreciate, such as access to the University of Manchester online library, interactive tasks, sample demo lessons and assignments, lesson plans, and simply all they need to succeed with the DELTA.”

Concerned about the certificate from taking the DELTA online vs face-to-face? Don’t worry, the 100% online course will lead to exactly the same qualification as taking the DELTA face-to-face course!

Find out more about the DELTA Modules and what is required for each of the three.

Summary of upcoming courses and prices:

  • Online DELTA Module 1 dates starting in January and April. ($500USD)
  • Online DELTA Module 1 & 2 combined – dates starting in January and April. ($2,750USD)
  • Online DELTA Module 2 – dates starting in January and April. ($2,300USD)
  • Online DELTA Module 3 – dates starting in March and September. ($400USD)

More details:

**SPECIAL OFFER** Book all three DELTA modules with the Mexico City centre and get $200USD off the total price.

How to Apply for DELTA via Mexico City

Want to apply for a DELTA course via Mexico City? Simply fill out the initial application. One of our admissions officers will be in touch with you with the full application to fill out. Please note, they may ask you to provide details on your experience, a copy of your highest TEFL qualification, and references.

Once we receive the full application, we will pass it onto our DELTA tutors in Mexico City to assess. They will then contact you to organise the interview. Good luck!