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*Book all three Delta modules with the Mexico City centre and get $200USD off the total price.

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About the Delta course via Mexico City

The Delta (Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a higher ELT qualification for experienced teachers, who either want to move into more senior teaching or directive roles, or hone their skills as a teacher.

It is suitable for both native and non-native English teachers who have completed an initial English teaching certificate (such as the CELTA or Trinity TESOL), and have at least one year of ESL teaching experience to variety of levels.

The Delta course modules in Mexico City have been designed with the working teacher in mind; their flexible format strikes the right balance between studying and continuing to make a steady income. The course combines both asynchronous and synchronous contact learning, with the benefit of having access to a range of online resources and materials, to allow for maximum flexibility and preparation in how you do your course.

Delta Course Content and Structure

Module 1

Delta Module 1 includes weekly live sessions to answer any questions you might have on the examination papers and how you are doing so far.

 Assessment for Delta Module 1 is made through a written examination comprising two papers, each of 1 hour 30 minutes in length.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
  • Different approaches and methodologies, including current developments
  • Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
  • Language skills and learners’ problems
  • Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language teaching
  • Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

Module 2

Delta Module 2 includes study sessions on the course specifically designed for written assignments, which means you will have time in between assignments, TPs and input sessions to complete lesson plans, produce materials, or simply take advantage of your peers and tutors to ask them more questions as needed.

Assessment for Delta Module 2 is made through portfolio of course-based practical teaching and written assignments including one lesson and assignment which is externally assessed.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • The language learner and the language learning context
  • Preparation for teaching adult learners of English
  • Evaluating, selecting and using resources / materials for teaching purposes
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  • Observations/evaluations of other teachers’ lessons
  • Professionalism and opportunities for professional development

Module 3

Delta Module 3 offers on-demand tutorials to help you succeed with your extended assignment.

Assessment for Delta Module 3 is done through an extended written research project and is externally assessed.

The course will focus on your research into a specialist area.


Will the fact that I’ve taken the Delta online appear on my certificate?

No. The Delta 100% Online leads to exactly the same certificate as its face-to-face version. The assessed outcomes are the same for all trainees.


Advantages of taking the Delta via Mexico City

  • Flexible timetable
    • The Delta 100% Online via the Mexico City centre is a very flexible course that allows you more time to prepare and get through the work involved. We estimate around 15-20hrs of work a week.
    • Connect just once to twice a week, for 4hrs, and take the rest of the course at your own pace and in your own time.
    • You choose the day and time for Teaching Practice according to your time zone and availability. Plus, live sessions are also recorded.
  • Complementary course on Teaching English Online
    • Besides providing you with unique materials, the teacher training centre in Mexico offers a complementary course on Teaching English Online, completely free of charge.
  • Training on educational tools
    • You will have specific training on how to use not only Zoom and G Suite, but also a range of educational tools for teaching purposes.
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainers
    • You will be learning from highly-qualified, experienced trainers, including one CELTA assessor and one CELTA & Delta assessor who also moderates other centres and courses around the world.
  • Job and careers advice service
    • Part of the course is dedicated to professional development and finding work once you graduate. You will also have exclusive access to a network of recruitment agents in different parts of the world.


Delta Eligibility Criteria in Mexico City

All applicants for the Delta course in Mexico City must have:

  • At least two years' full time teaching English to adults (approximately 1,200 hours) within the last 5 years, involving work in different contexts to a variety of levels
  • Candidates are usually university graduates or qualified teachers and have a Cambridge TESOL, CELTA or equivalent.
  • Applicants must have a highly developed awareness of language and sufficient competence in English, both written and spoken, to enable them to follow the course and complete all assessed elements.

If you're unsure about your eligibility, contact one of our Delta experts who will assess your profile and let you know if you're eligible.

  Delta TEFL Jobs

Find a TEFL Job Post Delta

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained Delta diploma.

How to Apply for Delta in Mexico City

If you'd like to apply for a Delta course in Mexico City, just fill out the initial application. One of our admissions officers will be in touch with you with the full application to fill out. You may be asked to provide details on your experience, a copy of your highest TEFL qualification, and references.

Once we receive the full application, we will pass it onto our Delta tutors in Mexico City to assess. They will then contact you to organise the interview.

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