CELTA Sydney: The Online CELTA Experience

  CELTA Sydney: The Online CELTA Experience Taking the CELTA Online via Sydney means that you can now commit to developing your teacher training without…

CELTA Sydney: The Online CELTA Experience

Taking the CELTA Online via Sydney means that you can now commit to developing your teacher training without having to leave the house. Yes, that means you can safely take the course during even if you are currently in lockdown.  It also means that if you are residing overseas, for the first time you can also take the CELTA via the Sydney centre without being in the country. You just have to commit to the times!

The Sydney CELTA centre is a StudyCELTA Premium Partner of 2020. We were eager to speak to them about their online CELTA, which they introduced way back in April. We got in touch with the Head of Teacher Training, Yanina Leigh, who talked to us about their online CELTA experience. This included the differences with the online and classroom format and also the optional offer of completing a CERT IV TESOL with the centre once you have finished the CELTA.

CELTA Sydney: Interview with Head of Teacher Training, Yanina Leigh, on the CELTA Online

How did you find adapting the CELTA, traditionally a face-to-face course, from the classroom to an online environment? Any obstacles and how did you overcome them?

It was a great challenge due to how fast the changes needed to be made. However, we had been discussing ways to digitalise our teaching courses for a while so we knew what needed to be done and how we wanted to do it. It took a lot of hard work but the transition was effective.

We have received incredibly positive feedback from our trainees in the past few months. I think the biggest obstacle was the lack of time but then again, everyone has battled that obstacle in 2020.

You are offering the option for candidates to take the CERT IV TESOL once they have taken a CELTA course with your centre. Can you tell us more about that?

The Certificate IV in TESOL is an Australian qualification which mirrors Cambridge CELTA. It is a qualification preferred to those who would like to work in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector. By completing the CELTA qualification, graduates can access a Certificate IV in TESOL via a process called RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

Taking the CELTA Online is a different experience to taking the course in a classroom. Are there any differences with communication between students and tutors on the online CELTA?

Communication seems to be more fluid now. When you are teaching face to face you only see the candidates at specific times during the day. However, now, being online, those lines are blurred and candidates contact us via email at any time/ day. Sometimes they request extra Zoom meetings to help them deal with certain issues. This new context has required trainers to be a lot more flexible in terms of communication.

Other than Zoom, are there any computer programmes/websites that candidates should be aware of before taking the course?

We try to keep it as “low-tech” as possible. A good teacher is a good teacher no matter the context, tools programs, etc.

What tips do you have for candidates to prepare for your CELTA Online course?

The learning curve is huge but so is the reward at the end of the course. Be patient, kind to yourself and flexible. A lot of the times, things won’t go as expected as we deal with a lot of variables that are out of our control.

Thank you Yanina!

Pssst – if you aren’t an online learner and are based in Australia, the Sydney CELTA centre are offering the CELTA in the classroom with classes looking to start in October.

What do I need for the Online CELTA?

Commitment and determination is a must! Whether you are taking the CELTA online full time, part time or even face-to-face, you need to be aware that the hours stipulated in the timetable are required from you.

It’s important that you also have a computer or laptop, a designated working area, sound and a microphone (even better if you have a headset). A strong internet connection is also a must so you can join the online Zoom classes!

How to apply for the CELTA Online Sydney?

Applying is easy through our online application form. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes of your own time and then a member of the StudyCELTA team will be in contact with you about the next steps.

Want to know more about the CELTA experience via Sydney? We spoke with Yanina at the start of the year about the process and what to expect. You can catch up with this article here.

Preparing for the CELTA

Are you looking to prepare for your CELTA? Do you want to brush-up on your grammar before the course? Are you interested in the methodology that you will be introduced to on the course?

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