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Taking the CELTA fully online

About the CELTA Online

The course has the same content as the face-to-face CELTA course. The main difference is that classes will be live-streamed through a video sharing platform. There is selfdirected study via the Cambridge Moodle platform and, just like the face-to-face CELTA course, there is "hands-on" teaching practice and you are assessed and moderated by a certified CELTA Assessor.

How will the online format and teaching practice be organised?

Each school has different timetables depending on the format of the course. There are intensive and part time CELTA options.

As examples, the two formats are:

The Intensive CELTA Online: You can do it throughout 4-6 weeks of training (depending on the course you choose). In most cases the timetable will be like a normal "office" day and you will be a part of the class for 7-8 hours a day with scheduled breaks, so it will be like you are in a virtual classroom. It may seem strange at first, learning and adjusting to the online format but within the first week there will be introductory and input lessons plus un-assessed teaching practice so you can adapt. On week two, you will move onto the online teaching practice, which will involve teaching a live class of English language learners. It may seem like a big step but you will have support from your CELTA Tutor and your classmates.

The Part time CELTA Online: You will do it throughout a course of 9–14 weeks (depending on the course you decide to take). In the first two weeks, there will be introductory content to the course and focused input sessions from CELTA Tutors. Normally, afterwards, there will be sessions 45 minutes of assessed teaching practice each week. This format is easier for individuals who may be raising a family or still working from home, as there are less learning/teaching hours per week.

All teaching practice sessions will be observed and assessed by the CELTA tutors. You will also be able to observe the teaching practice of your fellow CELTA trainees as well as observing experienced teachers.

Will this affect what it says on the Cambridge CELTA Certificate?

No. You will still get the standard CELTA Certificate, which is issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment (part of the University of Cambridge) and certifies that you have completed 120 hours of training.

What are the benefits of taking the CELTA Online?

At the end of the course, you will still have the same CELTA certificate as a trainee who has taken the CELTA in a classroom. The added benefits of taking the course this way is that:

a) The course is more accessible, which means you will save on travel and accommodation--and no visa headaches!
b) You will also have access to the learning materials online
c) Also, you will learn how to teach the English language in a classroom while becoming familiar with the tools and environment to teach online!

What online platform will the CELTA course be hosted on?

Each school will have a preferred video sharing platform for you to use. As an example, Zoom is a popular video sharing platform, so it is important that you have a computer that can support this programme.

What’s the difference between a fully Online CELTA course and an Online Blended course?

These are both different formats for taking the CELTA. The fully Online CELTA means that everything – from the teaching methodology and teaching practice – will be done online on a video sharing platform of the school’s choice. It will all be live and taught by a qualified CELTA Tutor.

An online blended CELTA course is done from 10 - 16 weeks and you are able to "stagger" the learning, so you can do around 4 - 6 hour per week. Generally, it is load up and learn, although you will have access to a tutor if you have any questions. You will then need to be at the centre to complete at least 2 weeks teaching practice. Depending on where you are going this can be a two week block or it is spread over the course e.g. every Saturday.

What are the Requirements for taking a CELTA Online?

The requirements are the same as taking any other CELTA. This includes:

a) You are 18 or older
b) You have a strong English language awareness or an English language score of an IELTs 7.5 or a high Cambridge C1
c) Finally, a standard entry level of education for higher education such as university (if not, life experience can be taken into account)

However with the course being completely online, it is a requirement if you have the following:

a) A working laptop or desktop computer with a microphone and speakers
b) A secure internet connection
c) A designated and comfortable working space at home

Where can I work after completing my online CELTA course?

The majority of schools prefer candidates with CELTA certificates, so you will find that this opens more doors to your ELT career!

One of the benefits of taking the CELTA online is that the course will not only allow you to teach in schools, colleges etc. but you will also have the added benefit of being able to teach in online webinars from the comfort of your own home—so you will have a certificate that gives your career flexibility!

If you are looking for work after you CELTA, our sister website, TEFLwork, offers the latest teaching positions available worldwide.

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