The CELTA Experience in Bari, Italy!

  The CELTA Bari Experience! Located in the Puglia region of Italy, Bari offers traditional Italian grandeur with beautiful beaches, a traditional harbour and the…


The CELTA Bari Experience!

Located in the Puglia region of Italy, Bari offers traditional Italian grandeur with beautiful beaches, a traditional harbour and the romantic streets of it’s old town. Bari is also famed for it’s food and is now at the forefront of the world’s food movement with it’s orecchiette; their unique Pugliese pasta and street food, such as panzerotti — a deep friend pasties filled with cheese and tomato — and some of the best seafood, fresh off the boat!

With many other CELTA centres across the world, the Bari centre are now offering the CELTA full time online. For those looking to be CELTA certified and hone their skills, this is the perfect opportunity to continue with your ELT career.

Interview with Bari’s Owner: Amanda Jane Lowles

What made you decide to move to Bari and start a school?

I moved to Bari in 1994 as my husband is from Bari. I opened the Bari CELTA centre in 2003 and we now have two schools, one in Bari and the other in Triggiano as well as our Exam Centre in Bari.

What is the ELT industry like in Bari and further afield?

People in Bari are very keen to learn English and to certify their English too. As an authorised Cambridge Centre we always place great emphasis on a step by step approach to language learning. I always advise students to make full use of all the free Cambridge study materials that are available to them.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to move to Italy and start their ELT career?

First of all, I would suggest they do the CELTA as it would give a solid foundation on which to start and stand them in good stead for their future ELT career. CELTA is a qualification that is looked for by prospective employers. CAMBRIDGE TKT certifications are also very popular and provide a good insight into teaching both CLIL and YLE.

How can a candidate stand out from a sea of applicants when looking for an ELT job?

Apart from the standard qualifications that are required I always think it is very useful to have that little ‘extra’ to bring to the table; first aid training is something that we have held in-house at the Bari centre for the last couple of years. Thankfully we have had no need to use it but you never know!

What is your top recommendation for a CELTA candidate to do once they have finished their CELTA?

I would suggest they apply to our centre for a position in the forthcoming academic year. We have over 90 Cambridge Preparation Centres for whom we supply exams. As a Cambridge accredited centre, we are often the first port of call for staffing and we are always happy to suggest referrals.

The Bari CELTA centre is located in the centre of the city and is close to many amenities, such as bars, cafes and shops. It is also close to the train station and Bari airport, which makes the centre very accessible. For those who would like more information on face-to-face CELTAs, sign up to be notified once we have next year’s dates confirmed.

Bari CELTA: Take it online!

For the remainder of the year, Bari will be offering the CELTA online! This is to ensure the safety of all students and staff members in light of the pandemic. So, no matter where you are, you can take the CELTA via Bari and their CELTA Tutors.

The online course will be offered on November 9th. It’s a full time course, which is perfect for those who are looking to get CELTA qualified before the year is out and enables you to plan for 2021!

Find out more about Bari’s CELTA online courses here.

How should I prepare for the CELTA Online via Bari?

Just like with a face-to-face CELTA, this will be an intensive course so make sure you have the time to dedicate yourself to the course. As the course is four weeks long, it’s important that you are free for those four weeks and try not to make many evening plans as there will be assignments and lesson planning in your spare time.

Of course, with the course being online it is encouraged that you are comfortable using a laptop or computer. It’s important that you can use basic functions such as opening a new tab, using Microsoft office or pages okay and have an understanding of creating a basic PowerPoint presentation.

You will also be using a video conferencing software, such as Zoom. If this is completely new to you, no worries, as the programme is very user-friendly and the tutor will be able to assist.

Finally, make sure that you have a designated working area in your home with a strong internet connection. It’s important that you have a microphone (many computers have these inbuilt) and sound – headphones are also worthwhile.

Bari CELTA Courses: Apply Today

Applying for an online CELTA via Bari is simple! Click on our online application form (make sure you have a spare 10 minutes!) and tell us why you want to take the CELTA. A member of our team will then get in touch with you about the next steps. Easy-peasy!

More ways to Prepare for your CELTA Course!

Are you looking to prepare for your CELTA? Do you want to brush-up on your grammar before the course? Are you interested in the methodology that you will be introduced to on the course?

Take a look at the Pre-CELTA Bundle via our friends at ELTCampus. An online course which will enhance your confidence before starting the CELTA and give you a leg-up on the course content, so you can pass the CELTA with flying colours. Now with bonus online CELTA content!

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