Five Reasons to Take the CELTA in Bari

  One of our newest CELTA locations, Bari, Italy is located in the stunning region of Puglia. At the top of Italy’s “boot heel,” Bari…


One of our newest CELTA locations, Bari, Italy is located in the stunning region of Puglia. At the top of Italy’s “boot heel,” Bari sits on the Adriatic Sea and abounds with picturesque scenery. There are eleventh century churches, stunning beaches and a local cuisine that’s to die for. Taking the CELTA in Bari will not only help you develop your English language teaching skills, it’ll offer you places to relax, take in the local culture and enjoy the weather of Southern Italy.

With a vibrant community of young people, Bari hosts brilliant nightlife and a bustling culture. The dramatic coastline alone is worth the visit, but the food and the culture seal the deal. Below, some of the things that make Bari an ideal place to take the CELTA.


Being on the Adriatic Sea, Bari has plenty of nearby beaches. These could prove the perfect place to study or plan lessons on the weekends, giving you a little bit of fresh air and sun. Picture clear, blue water against sandy beaches with dramatic cliffs and coves behind you. Along the coast of Puglia, you’ll find grottoes and rock formations, too. It really is like a scene out of a fairy tale.

Bari also has a picturesque old harbour which is worth a visit. The traditional blue fishing boats blend in with the water, while crisp white buildings dot the background. In terms of scenery, Bari is hard to beat!


In Bari, you’ll also find charming culture. With a university of 50,000 students, the city is full of young people and nightlife. Film screenings, art shows, concerts and more take place at the Officina degli Esordi. This area to the west of Bari’s Old Town is known for its modern urban culture and artistic opportunities.

Meanwhile, if you’re lucky, you can join in some “pizzica,” a traditional Italian folk dance that originated in Salento, the area of Puglia that borders Bari to the south. Join into this frenetic dance that dates back hundreds of years. If you’re on the August CELTA course, be sure to pop over to neighbouring cities that celebrate La Notte della Taranta, a festival in honour of this traditional dance.

Old Town

Speaking of culture, you’ll certainly want to visit Bari’s Old Town, or Bari Vecchio. Here, you’ll find churches dating back to the ninth and tenth centuries alongside winding streets and picturesque piazzas. Along the coast, you’ll find Castello Svevo, a structure with elements from the twelfth, thirteenth and sixteenth centuries overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

One of the ancient basilicas in the Old Town is the Basilica di San Nicola, or Saint Nicholas (yes, that Saint Nick). This eleventh church houses the remains of Saint Nicholas and for CELTA trainees taking the course in April, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts during the first week of May when Bari celebrates Saint Nicholas with fireworks and more.


Old Town is also home to traditional pasta makers. These women handmake Bari’s traditional “cucina povera” (food of the poor) in the streets of the Old Town. Made without eggs, Bari is known for its orrechiette pasta which is shaped like ears. The pasta is often prepared with broccoli rabe.

Also, worth a try are the deep-friend panzerotti. These look a little like calzone and have melting cheese and warm tomatoes in the middle. But honestly, with fresh vegetables, olives, cheese and pasta, you really can’t go wrong with anything you try here.


While you probably won’t have time to explore while you’re taking the CELTA, taking extra time before or after you complete it to discover Puglia is absolutely essential. Just an hour from Bari is the unique town of Alberobello. This village has districts completely made up of Trulli houses. This history of this style dates back to the fifteenth century, though many of the current structures are from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is truly a unique sight and definitely worth a visit while on the CELTA in Bari.

There are other stunning towns and sights dotted around Puglia that are worth a visit. From whitewashed coastal towns to impressive coastal rock formations and ancient wonders, there is so much to see in this region of Italy, all within two hours. In fact, it just might merit finding your first post-CELTA job in the area so you can stay a little longer.

Deciding to take the CELTA is an easy decision: it is the most widely recognized English language qualification in the world. Deciding whereto take it isn’t quite so straightforward. However, with the CELTA in Bari you can’t go wrong.

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