Taking your CELTA face-to-face in France: Brittany, Lyon or Strasbourg?

The face-to-face CELTA in France… We have three excellent CELTA locations available to you to take your face-to-face CELTA in France. Each of them has…

The face-to-face CELTA in France…

We have three excellent CELTA locations available to you to take your face-to-face CELTA in France. Each of them has its own distinct charms and appeals, with history, culture, gastronomy and more. You can choose from Brittany (on the north-west coast), Lyon (in the south-east) and Strasbourg (on the border with Germany). Here’s our guide to help you decide which France CELTA location is best for you!

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A guide to Brest, Brittany

The centre is located near the port city of Brest on the north-west coast and the region of Brittany is a culturally distinct and wonderfully idyllic place to take a CELTA course. The city of Brest is an important harbour and the location is a fantastic venue for any CELTA candidate with an interest in all things maritime.

Its location on the rugged coastline means the city is hugely rich in naval heritage, with the Académie de Marine (Naval Academy) founded here in the mid-eighteenth century. The region of Brittany has a distinct cultural identity, related to it being one of the six Celtic nations, and it has retained this distinct identity that has deep historical roots. The name Brittany itself derives from the Latin word ‘Britannia’, which means ‘land of the Britons’ and you can experience its unique blend of cultures wherever you go in the region.

A guide to Lyon

Lyon is France’s third largest city and one of true gastronomic hubs of France – the food in the city is widely considered to be among the highest quality in country. As a key historical and cultural hub, the city is replete with landmarks, including four on the UNESCO World Heritage List; the districts of Old Lyon, the Presqu’île district and the hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse.

For cinema fans, you can enjoy being in the place where Auguste and Louis Lumière invented the cinematograph, a key step in motion films, while for fans of the classic novella, The Little Prince, you will be interested to know this was the home of its author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Whatever you do, make sure you find time for the funicular ride up to Fourvière to admire the stunning view of Lyon’s landscape from the top of the basilica.

Today Lyon is a thriving city, with a wide range of industries and high rates of employment and job opportunities, especially in the EFL industry.

A guide to Strasbourg

The main thing that you notice about Strasbourg is that it really is at the very heart of Europe. The city is one of the four de facto main capitals of the European Union (alongside Brussels, Luxembourg and Frankfurt). It holds a key place at the heart of Europe as the seat of the European Parliament, while the city is also the home of the Eurocorps and the European Ombudsman of the European Union. And yes, English has remained the lingua franca of the European Union! To add in to this international flavour, the city is also home to a number of other important global organisations, perhaps most notable being the Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine, the world’s oldest international organization still in operation.

As well as the buzz and hive of European activity, the city also boasts a stunning historic city centre, (the Grande Île (Grand Island), that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So if you want to take your CELTA in a beautiful, key European and international city on the banks of a beautiful river (the Rhine) why not choose to become CELTA-qualified in Strasbourg?

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