CELTA via Cadiz, Spain. By the beach, in the city, in the sunshine.

Cadiz Director of Teacher Training Claire Potter and Head of Studies Charlie Cranmer give you the lowdown on taking a CELTA in this beautiful city in the south of Spain.

Cadiz is a coastal city the far south of Spain surrounded by the sea on all sides. Quintessentially Andalusian, Cadiz has old-world charm, a splendid old town in the heart of the city and you are spoiled for choice if you want to relax on the beach. It is an ideal place to have a truly Spanish CELTA experience in the sunshine with a cooling sea breeze.

This southern city on the Atlantic Coast is a fantastic choice for you to take a CELTA course. You can also take advantage of a special deal for your accommodation during the course!

We got the lowdown from Cadiz Director of Teacher Training Claire Potter and Head of Studies Charlie Cranmer to see what it is like to take the Cambridge CELTA in this sun-drenched city

Charlie, what is Cadiz like as a city?

It is the oldest city in western Europe and the narrow cobbled streets of the historical centre are full of reminders of its rich past. The old town is perfect for those that love their history. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, its white sandy beaches and 300 days of sun a year make it a wonderful destination and place to live. It can also have a feel of a small village, where everybody knows each other. It’s also an extremely safe place to live.

Claire, tell us about life as a CELTA tutor and how the relationship between tutors and Cadiz CELTA trainees?

A day in the life of a CELTA tutor is a busy but very rewarding one. It involves working with our CELTA candidates in class in different capacities, whether doing very practical methodology sessions together, or helping them prepare for the lessons they give to local students in Teaching Practice, or observing them teach those lessons. There is always time for individual tutorials or chats, whether over a coffee or a lesson plan! It is fantastic to see the progress they make over the four weeks, which makes our days very fulfilling.

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Charlie, what is the accommodation like for candidates who want to choose the Cadiz accommodation option?

We recently opened our residence which is available for trainees, situated in a small square in the centre of Cádiz. It is ideally located in a quiet area with orange trees, a couple of minutes from the Plaza de Mina and fifteen minutes from La Caleta beach. It’s a beautiful 19th century building, following the traditional structure of the houses found in the historic centre of Cádiz, restored and adapted to the needs of a 21st century residence.

Charlie, is there a good post-CELTA job market for English language trainees in Spain?

In the city of Cadiz, there are at least four schools that are members of the ACEIA association [an organisation set up to promote excellence in language teaching in Andalusia]. This is an association that guarantees teachers will work in a professional environment. In the greater Cadiz area there are a number of reputable schools and Andalusia is an excellent place to find work for English teachers with positions available through our sister schools in Sevilla & Malaga. We also have a wide network schools to provide our trainees with opportunities.

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