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Asturias is known as Spain’s ‘Paraiso Natural‘ (Natural Paradise), and Oviedo, the region’s capital, is right at its beating heart. Asturias is hugely popular with…

Asturias is known as Spain’s ‘Paraiso Natural‘ (Natural Paradise), and Oviedo, the region’s capital, is right at its beating heart. Asturias is hugely popular with Spaniards, who flock to experience its beauty and huge range of different sights and activities. However, it is still a bit of a hidden gem to those outside the country. Oviedo offers you the ideal place to take your CELTA, at a great value, with excellent tutors and a highly tempting online CELTA offer. Let’s find out more…

The best things about Asturias

If you love the mountains, love the coast, love places that are rich in tradition, culture and love a warm, but not scorching climate, then Asturias is the place for you. It is both one of Spain’s 17 Autonomous Communities and, at the same time, one of Spain’s 50 provinces. Asturias is part of Green Spain and has a cool, mild/warm climate throughout the year, with most seasons averaging in the low 20s Celsius.

Asturias is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy nature and outdoor sports, with two of Spain’s most stunning national parks, the Picos de Europa and Somiedo Natural Park, within its borders, as well as wide number of other national parks too. Its coasts and mountains are ideal for hiking, skiing, surfing, cycling and a range of other active pursuits. Whilst exploring the stunning coastal scenery or even in Oviedo itself, you may well come across pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago, with a number of different routes traversing the region.

Asturias is famed for its gastronomy, and if you take the face-to-face CELTA option via Oviedo, you have to try the famous cachopo, Fabada Asturiana, tortos as well as the range of delicious cheeses the region has to offer. The many sidrerias, where cider is poured spectacularly for you to enjoy, is also a must.

The best things about Oviedo

Oviedo is perfectly located to explore all that Asturias has to offer, as well as being an idyllic location in itself. It is a wonderful size, around 200,000 people, meaning it has everything you could ever wish for, including great night life, restaurants, shops, parks, sports facilities, cultural activities and museums. It also still feel like there is plenty of room to breath. This is perfect when doing the CELTA course, and great for exploring if you have time before or after the course too.

It is not just the stunning panorama of the mountains all around that catches the eye of any visitor to the city, Oviedo is full of historical and architectural sights as well. The historic Santa María del Naranco church from the mid-ninth century, with its vistas overlooking the city, is particularly worth checking out. For those of you who appreciate tidiness and order, it is also worth noting that Oviedo is considered the cleanest city in Spain!

The best things about taking your CELTA via the centre in Oviedo

The centre location is in the heart of the city, meaning everything is on your doorstep when you take your CELTA. The tutors have excellent feedback and a wealth of experience. If you are worried about being prepared for the CELTA, or the workload or stress of the CELTA, then the Oviedo centre has an excellent solution for you. The location offers a FREE pre-course module (20hs) to help prepare you for the interview/course. This consists of four 5 hour sessions starting 4 weeks before the course starts.

On top of this, you can also take advantage of the location’s ‘Bring a friend’ offer, with a 10% discount (applies to standard price only), which applies to both you and your friend. The centre also offers a 10% Early Bird offer, with more details here.

Why the online option is an excellent

If you can’t do the face-to-face CELTA in Oviedo, then the online CELTA option that the location offers is definitely worth considering. The excellent value course is designed to be flexible to your needs and The Oviedo tutors have first-hand experience teaching both face-to-face and online, so they understand both contexts.

Due to the excellent tutoring, support, screening process and the hard work of the trainees, the online and face-to-face Oviedo courses have a 100% pass rate. So why not join their success and get TEFL qualified with the CELTA course via Oviedo!

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