CELTA and Delta online via Mexico City: Take from anywhere across the globe

Tuesday 24th August 2021

CELTA and Delta online via Mexico City: Take from anywhere across the globe

When people think of Mexico City, people may not naturally think of the CELTA or Delta courses and English teaching in general. Many think of…

When people think of Mexico City, people may not naturally think of the CELTA or Delta courses and English teaching in general. Many think of the fantastic cuisine (such as enchiladas, tacos or chilaquiles), the rich cultural history or the vibrant nature of the bustling metropolis, home to over 20 million people in the city and its suburbs. However, Mexico City is a highly popular choice for many of our CELTA and Delta candidates, with the CELTA and Delta online options one of the most sought after by candidates.

So why is it such a popular choice? We take a closer look:

Taking your CELTA and Delta course from anywhere in the world

While the CELTA is for those entering the world of EFL teaching, or looking to get formally qualified, the Delta is the higher ELT qualification for experienced teachers, who want to take the next step in their professional development.

Am I eligible for the CELTA?

Am I eligible for the Delta?

A popular option, especially at the moment, is taking the CELTA or Delta course online. The online CELTA or Delta holds exactly the same weight as a face-to-face course. On the CELTA or Delta certificate you receive after successfully completing the CELTA or a Delta Module, there would be no mention of the course being online. The online CELTA and Delta modules have exactly the same content, with the format allowing you to take it from home. The Teaching Practice for the CELTA and Delta Module 2 will also be done online with a class of students from around the world.

With this online option, a key aspect to consider when choosing a course is the timing, and compulsory hours. Mexico City appeals to many as the online courses via centre are timed so that you can take the courses from anywhere in the world.

Mexico City CELTA candidates have an option of morning or evening slots (UTC-5 time) so that you can choose the time to suit you and your time zone requirements. The Delta Module 2 course has a flexible timetable too. Meanwhile, the Delta Module 1 and 3 courses are taken at your own pace, with on demand tutorials and consultation.

For the online CELTA courses, you only need to connect to Zoom twice a week for 3.5 hours, helping you manage your time effectively. Input sessions are online via Moodle (open source learning platform), with a flexible timetable, taken at your own convenience.

Excellent value and teaching

Both the CELTA online course and the Delta modules offer excellent value, with the courses some of the cheapest in the Americas. For this price you will be learning from highly-qualified, experienced trainers, including one CELTA assessor and one CELTA and Delta assessor who also moderates other centres and courses around the world.

On top of this, for the Delta, you can book all three Delta modules with the Mexico City centre and get $200USD off the total price.

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Excellent resources

The centre also provides additional educational tools and technological support for candidates. For the CELTA and Delta, you enjoy specific training on how to use not only Zoom and G Suite, but also a range of educational tools for teaching purposes. Candidates have access to the University of Manchester online library. Live sessions are also recorded, meaning you are able to double check information. You will also be able to take advantage of sample demo lessons and assignments.

As well as providing you with unique materials, the Mexico City centre offers a complementary course on Teaching English Online, completely free of charge.

Apply to take the CELTA or Delta via Mexico City today!

If you are looking to start an exciting career where you can teach around the world, the online CELTA via Mexico City is a great place to start. If you want to develop your teaching career and take the next key step in your professional development, the online Delta via Mexico City is right for you. You can apply for the CELTA or the Delta Modules through our online form. There are no application fees and the form takes less than 15 minutes to complete

Have any questions about taking the CELTA or Delta? Get in touch with a member of our team today!

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