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Online CELTA Preparation Course with ELTCampus

Online On Demand Pre-CELTA Preparation Course Bundle

You're considering English language teaching, or are about to apply for a CELTA course.

This CELTA  preparation course bundle aims to have you better prepared:

  • The full course bundle is made of modules that deal with methodology and approaches for working with adult classrooms.
  • Learn about key ideas, teaching methods and core concepts.
  • Refresh your grammar and increase your language awareness
  • Extra bonus material such as lesson plan templates and further reading.
  • Community forum
  • Lots of other bonus free mini course add-ons

The CELTA course is intense and CELTA trainees need to take on a lot of information. If you have no idea about what language teaching looks like or you can't remember your noun from your modal auxiliary verb this course bundle is the perfect solution.

Course One: Prepare for Your TEFL/TESOL Course: Grammar Refresher and Language Awareness

Written by teacher trainer Emma Pratt, this grammar refresher course is aimed to prepare you for entering English Language teacher training, no more, no less. You aren't expected to be a grammar guru as you embark on English teacher training. Language awareness and grammar knowledge builds with time and teaching practice and your CELTA tutors don't require you to have an expert level or knowledge. However some preparation is advised in order to have a good grounding in the basics.

Course Two: Prepare for Your TEFL/TESOL Course: Intro to Teaching Methodology

Written by a CELTA and Delta teacher trainer with the view to improving your performance on the CELTA. This course introduces you to core concepts of teaching and language teaching. This introduction will lower the stress related with managing so much new knowledge in such a short time. It will improve your performance as a result and hey, even improve your overall grade.

What is English Language Teaching About?

Find out in this introduction to the key concepts that English teachers apply in their teaching today, like learner centredness, learner needs and how to make language learning relevant and engaging.

Visit the Language School

See teachers in the classroom and international teachers in the field reflect on their teaching.

Feel confident about what teaching new language really involves

This British Council Eltons Award nominated course introduces you to the main concepts that English language teachers cover when they teach new words, grammar and lexis.

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