If you are looking to gain a world-class TEFL CELTA English qualification then Australia is an excellent location to study. If you haven't already trained you can gain the world's most highly recognised TESOL certificate in various locations down under.

CELTA works by teaching practical methods, grammar and ideas to equip you with the set of skills you need for teaching English. Teachers and employers alike all recommend the CELTA course for finding work both in Australia and abroad. 

If you have already trained with CELTA or similar then a Delta Diploma from the University of Cambridge could be the right option for you. We offer the Delta in Australia as well as the CELTA course. The Delta course is aimed at teacher with lots of teaching experience to different ages, different exam types and more, to move on their TEFL career to the next stage into positions within management, direction, teacher training and more.

In addition to the Cambridge accredited courses offered by StudyCELTA in Australia. You can also become CERT IV certified in our centre in Sydney. This can be combined with a CELTA course to give you the best opportunity for employment in Australia.

Enough about the course, what about the location? Harsh red desert, pristine, white beaches and untouched rainforest, Australia is a mixture of unique environments. The land down under is also home to buzzing metropolitans and friendly, country towns.

If you are unsure if you qualify to apply for a CELTA, complete our CELTA eligibility test to see if it is right for you. Otherwise you can find more information on the course itself here.

We also offer courses in many other locations worldwide, just take a look here at our CELTA course calendar for more information, and at our testimonials for opinions and feedback from our previous students.

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