Why take the CELTA in Cusco, Peru?

  At StudyCELTA, we are incredibly excited to be offering a new CELTA course in one the most beautiful and fascinating cities of Peru –…

At StudyCELTA, we are incredibly excited to be offering a new CELTA course in one the most beautiful and fascinating cities of Peru – Cusco.

Gateway of the Machu Picchu and a UNESCO world heritage site, Cusco has so much to offer in terms of ancient Incan ruins for you to visit, fantastic Peruvian cuisine and also plenty of places to relax in your downtime.

We spoke with Armando Alzamora from the new CELTA centres in Cuzco Peru, who gave us in an insight on the perks of taking the CELTA in Cusco, local employment opportunities and some of the unmissable places to visit while in the city.


Why You Should Take the CELTA in Cusco, Peru!

Hi Armando, thank you for speaking with us. The CELTA is a new course for your centre in Cusco, why did you decide to offer the course?

Since Cusco is one of the main tourist destinations of Latin America, much of the economic activity that takes place in the region, is linked to tourism, so there is a great need to learn English.

We decided to offer CELTA in Cusco due to the growing demand of people interested in language teaching. Our interest is to train high quality teachers who have the tools and skills necessary to provide their students with the best language teaching.

When was the centre in Cusco established and what is it like?

We started our operations recently, and we are very excited to offer our first CELTA course. We have 4 specially equipped rooms to guarantee the best learning results, as well as the best professional staff, equipment and material available to students; all in order to achieve the best learning experience. Our commitment is to provide the best tools to facilitate and ensure the success of our candidates.

What is the accommodation like in and around Cusco?

We provide accommodation for students who request it in places near our school. We strive to carefully evaluate the accommodations so that our student’s experience is complete and enjoyable.

On the other hand, because Cusco is very touristy, the city has multiple types of accommodation that students can take according to their needs and budgets.

What is the job market like for English language teaching in Cusco and Peru?

The centre Cusco is one of the only centres in the world that provides active employment placement. Once the candidate has completed his CELTA course with us, he can obtain a job through one of the following options:

We have developed relationships with the most reputable employers in Cuzco, which exclusively or preferentially hire teachers certified at our centre. Upon request, we can put you in contact with these employers.
More importantly, we hire our own CELTA graduates on a very regular basis, and after every course there normally are open vacancies and opportunities to become part of the Cusco staff.

Finding a job through our network of former CELTA candidates is also possible. Some former CELTA graduates have now developed their own businesses and access our network to look for Cusco CELTA graduates.

For those taking the CELTA in Cusco and looking to take up opportunities further afield, check out TEFLwork.com.

Why should students travel to Cusco? What are the highlights in and around the area?

Cusco is one of the tourist spots that everyone should visit at some time in their lives, it also has a large market for teaching English and a high demand for qualified teachers of great quality.

Candidates will not only have the opportunity to achieve international certification, learn new skills that will help them improve their professional performance and join one of the largest communities in language teaching; but also they will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenes that the region has, to visit Machu Picchu, to know new people, a new culture and to have the experience of their life.

Do you have a favourite place in Cusco that may be off the beaten path?

There are many places that are “off the beaten path” in Cusco. From mystical and exotic places to know as the sorcerers’ village in the town of Wasao, to unique gastronomic experiences due to the great variety of unique products of the region. It depends on the tastes of the visitors.

For the more adventurous, there is a 9-day trip to Choquequirao, which is a unique and unforgettable experience in a very important archaeological group.

On the other hand, for those seeking relaxation there are many options to discover in the city, museums, theatres, bars, site visits, cultural events, etc.

Take the CELTA in Cuzco, Peru…

If you are looking for excitement and adventure, take the CELTA in Cusco. A city that offer a “once in a lifetime” experience and is perfect for people who want to learn more about ancient cultures in their CELTA downtime.

For more information on the CELTA in Cusco and to apply for the course, take a look on our website.