Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – great value, great experience

Tuesday 18th May 2021

Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – great value, great experience

  Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – great value, great experience! The online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain offers you fantastic value (with the CELTA course…


Online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain – great value, great experience!

The online CELTA via Oviedo, Spain offers you fantastic value (with the CELTA course costing just €1080 euros with the early bird price) as well as the unique option to bring a friend to the course to get a 10% discount (for both you and your friend).

But more than just the fantastic price and the ‘bring a friend’ discount there are lots of other great reasons to choose to take the online CELTA via Oviedo!

We chatted with Adriana Real Ferreiro, Centre Exams Manager at Oviedo, Spain to find out what is so special about taking your CELTA via Oviedo. She tells of multicultural, slow-paced, cosy and safe courses for new and experienced teachers in Spain’s Paraíso Natural…

What kind of candidates join your CELTA courses?

We are lucky to attract a wide range of trainees, representing an exciting variety of different backgrounds – we love our Oviedo CELTA family!
By the way, the same applies to our Teaching Practice (TP) students (we have friendly groups of students from all parts of the world) so our courses have a multicultural and international feel to them, which creates a highly positive atmosphere. In fact, recently one of our assessors mentioned it in the report as one of our unique features.

Back to our trainees, our groups thrive on variety: complete newbies – people from different professional backgrounds who want to start a new career in ELT, work hand in hand with experienced teachers of English and other foreign languages who want to beat their burnout or get inspired. Students who are getting ready for their first professional adventures even before they graduate are in the same TP team as teachers with a few years of hit-or-miss teaching record who want to be more competitive in the online teaching market. Our CELTA graduates include pilots, freelance translators, professional musicians, project managers, journalists, full-time mothers and mathematicians to name but a few.

A lot of mature candidates join us to learn from their younger colleagues and vice versa. This is a fabulous opportunity to prepare for teaching mixed groups of students – you learn to embrace differences. When you add to this mix a whole range of nationalities, just imagine how culturally stimulating our icebreaking activities are

Is CELTA the right course for experienced teachers?

It definitely is, but there is one condition: You need tutors who are experienced (and active!) teachers, trainers, Directors of Studies, conference presenters and ELT authors. Our CELTA Oviedo Core Tutor Team, Milada Krajewska and Beata Palinska, tick all these boxes and they just click (and they have been working together for quite a while) so it is all plain sailing, despite the challenges and rough seas. Experienced tutors who are also passionate teachers feel as comfortable guiding newbies as experienced teachers. And they are learning a lot from the trainees in the process. Teaching is all about learning. We don’t believe in ‘Know-It-Alls’.

With a team of confident and empathetic tutors, who can recognise the potential of different trainees at the start and design individual learning paths for each of them, both novice and experienced teachers can experience a teaching transformation during the course and complete the course proud of their success. It also takes quite a lot of sensitivity to help an experienced teacher unlearn and re-learn, and this sensitivity comes with experience.

I am also training to be part of our Tutor Team to contribute my own ELT experience. When I observe our tutors at work, it is amazing how eye-opening the feedback and input sessions can be, and – most importantly – the tutors only act as ‘triggers’. The trainees are guided to notice and share so much about their own teaching, with a lot of reverse mentoring in action: less experienced teachers giving a confidence boost and constructive feedforward to their more experienced colleagues. It is awe-inspiring when you observe them all grow between TP1 and TP8, and they grow so much. When the trust is built in the trainee team, people open up and come up with brilliant ideas.

Is feedback the greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for our tutors is to help our trainees to focus first on the compliments they get on their teaching, and only then understand and act on their action points. The world has been spinning too fast recently, the expectations have been growing exponentially and the spiral of *personal* expectations has become a real trap for many.

At Oviedo, we don’t believe in perfect teachers, perfect lessons and perfect plans. We don’t need to chase our tails to succeed in life. We believe in enthusiastic teachers who enjoy working with students and use their teaching skills with confidence. And it starts with noticing and celebrating your bright spots – the things that work in your planning and teaching – as this is your springboard for professional development, your foundation. Kicking yourself for every teaching mistake means you will be doing the same to your students making mistakes. A vicious circle.

CELTA has been associated with a training experience that feels like building a plane while flying. Scary. Exhausting. But this is not what CELTA should build its reputation on. We believe CELTA can be an enjoyable learning experience.

You say online CELTA courses via Oviedo are slow-paced, even with full-time programmes. How do you achieve that?

We feel for people. We empathise with trainees. We listen to feedback from trainees during and after the course. Our tutors insist that a good training experience should be the best example for future teachers. If they learn to teach in an extremely stressful situation where tutors have no time for them due to the conveyor belt intensity of courses run concurrently, where they become invisible being part of a big group, when they have to spend whole days in front of the computer and need to complete 4 assignments and 8 assessed lessons in 4 weeks, the outcome is predictable: they are likely to create a similarly stressful experience for their future students. We don’t want to train such teachers. We don’t want our trainees to make such memories of their CELTA course.

The programme is intensive and demanding by definition because there is lots of feedback to act on and trainees need to show how they do better in real-time, teaching real students. This is enough of a challenge for them.

Our shortest courses take 6 weeks to follow the Cambridge recommendations (Cambridge has revoked their recommendation for 4-week courses at the beginning of the pandemic to recognise the toll the 4-week programme takes on candidates) even if the short courses sell better. We also run part-time courses (2 or 3 days a week over the course of 12 weeks). Our ZOOM sessions with active screen time do not exceed 4.5 hours a day. We have as cosy groups as we can. Our tutors have time for trainees outside the scheduled session hours, but they also make sure the trainees do not live and breathe CELTA 24/7. Tutors need to have a life, too.

With slow-paced courses and a personal approach to every trainee, our candidates have more time to take things in, reflect, relax and lead a normal life outside of the CELTA room. It is an intensive time in their life but it is healthy. What’s the payoff? We see smiling faces on the final day of the course with a 100% Pass rate to date.

What would be your advice for candidates preparing for the interview?

Relax and trust the tutor who guides you through the application process – if you give sincere answers, the tutor can give you the best possible advice. At our centre, the Main Course Tutor keeps you company from the very first email exchange.

Some practical tips?

Complete the application and the pre-interview task, paying attention to detail. Proofreading is an essential skill during the course.

When you complete our pre-interview task, think about the student and how simple and clear your explanation needs to be. Grade your language. Select the necessary information. And proofread your text before submission!

When preparing for the interview, test the ZOOM app and make a test connection early on to feel confident and avoid last-minute tech glitches.

Importantly, be well-rested and wear your best smile. Do not prepare excessively before the interview because the tutor wants to see where you really are, and then you can get the best advice: how intensive a programme would be the best pick for you, when to start the course, what to focus on and how to prepare.

Our interview takes 60 minutes because we want to get to know every candidate. It is a conversation, not a test, and you can ask the tutor all the questions you have about the course. We talk about your pre-task, different challenges of the course and you find out all about the structure of the course. After the interview, you know enough to make a well-informed decision. And the interview is free of charge.

One more piece of post-interview advice: right before the course, if possible, take some time off to charge your batteries. Then, you can start the course with as much enthusiasm and energy as you have on your happiest days. We will do our best to add our good vibes

Does it make sense to take a fully online course when I also want to teach face-to-face?

Yes. The online CELTA is not about using educational apps for teaching. It is about learning the most effective and universal strategies for planning and teaching lessons of English as a foreign language. And with the online programme, you get that extra bonus of applying these strategies in a new digital environment, which is most likely to become our second working environment anyway.

In our Online courses, you learn everything the face-to-face CELTA courses give plus you adapt these strategies to the ZOOM room reality.
Our tutors have first-hand experience teaching both face-to-face and online, so they understand both contexts. Also, our courses include only real-time video sessions so there is constant interaction between tutors, trainees and students. We believe in the magic of conversation. No online platforms can replace a tutor.

And we prepared for the face-to-face add-on. When the restrictions are finally eased, all our CELTA graduates are welcome to take part in a bonus face-to-face TP module in Oviedo. Re-uniting with colleagues and tutors in the lush green northern corner of Spain to review what you learned on the course in the physical classroom is a treat we are looking forward to as much as our trainees.

Applying for the CELTA via Oviedo…

Applying is easy through our online application form or via our page with more details about the Oviedo centre and upcoming dates. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes of your own time and then a member of the StudyCELTA team will be in contact with you about the next steps.

More ways to Prepare for your CELTA Course!

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