Online CELTA via Florence, Italy – Tutor Interview

Wednesday 17th March 2021

Online CELTA via Florence, Italy – Tutor Interview

  Interview with CELTA Florence tutor Jean Sciberras – study via Tuscany, Italy! From May 2021, we have the exciting new addition of Florence, Italy…


Interview with CELTA Florence tutor Jean Sciberras – study via Tuscany, Italy!

From May 2021, we have the exciting new addition of Florence, Italy to our list of CELTA offers. With online courses for you from this jewel in the crown of Tuscany, we are delighted to introduce you to one of the Florence course tutors, Jean Sciberras.

Find out the different 2021 dates and times for the online CELTA via Florence, Italy!

Jean has a university background in English and over 35 years of English teaching experience. With a keen interest in the arts, literature, jazz and culture in general, she is also a well-rounded tutor who can help bring the most out of your CELTA experience. So feel free to ask her about authors like Milan Kundera or Andrea Camilleri, artists such as Caravaggio or Kandinsky and jazz greats Diana Krall and Ahmad Jamal!

Jean has taken a few moments to give us an insight into the CELTA via Florence. So without further ado, here’s our Q and A with her…


Why is the CELTA so valuable for someone interested in teaching English as a foreign language?

The CELTA gives you the tools to teach English more efficiently, more confidently and in a more communicative way. Since it is a highly respected and widely recognised qualification, it will also open up several career opportunities to teach English around the world.

Tell us about your experience in the English teaching environment, and training teachers for the CELTA…

I have always been passionate about teaching. I followed a CELTA course back in London in the 1980s and considered it an eye-opener. I’ve never looked back. In the past 35 years I’ve taught students of all levels, met hundreds of very interesting people, trained hundreds of teachers and still am as enthusiastic and motivated as ever!

What support and guidance can students expect from the online CELTA via Florence?

During the first two course days, we will offer practical training and hints on how to fully exploit Zoom during the course. Moreover, we will make useful documents and videos available on Padlet well before the course itself. This means that participants can prepare themselves. During the teaching practice we will give them honest and supportive feedback on their teaching. We will give clear indications on how to write the four assignments. Above all, we will be constantly in touch through emails, texts or chat.

How important is pre-course preparation to someone taking the CELTA?

Pre-course preparation is a must. The CELTA is a very intensive course which will leave you very little time for research and reading. I would definitely suggest becoming familiar with basic English grammar, especially tenses and parts of speech.

N.B. The Florence course comes with a great FREE pre-course bundle to help you with this (normal price £95)!

I’m not very confident about the idea of teaching online. Will I be ok on the course?

Definitely. Make sure you have a decent laptop and good wifi and internet connection though. I have taught participants who were just as unsure but who, by the end of the CELTA course, ended up learning to teach both face-to-face and online.

Will I be able to get a job after I complete my CELTA?

Most serious schools give preference to teachers with a CELTA qualification.  This means that your chances of finding a teaching job are very high.

For examples of the types of jobs available you can visit

Is the future of English teaching going to be an online future?

This isn’t such an easy question to answer! I myself see future teaching going for a blended approach. Whatever the future holds, this online course will prepare you for it!

What is the best thing about becoming a CELTA-qualified English language teacher?

Being CELTA-qualified means you are taking your teaching career seriously. It proves to your employer that teaching for you is not ‘just a summer job’ but that you were determined and motivated enough to invest both money and time in something you’re passionate about.


Applying for the CELTA…

Applying is easy through our online application form or via our page with more details about the Florence centre and upcoming dates. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes of your own time and then a member of the StudyCELTA team will be in contact with you about the next steps.

Good news for Early Birds! You can get a €100 euro discount if you book and pay for your CELTA online course with Florence 4 weeks in advance.