CELTA via Skopje, North Macedonia – Become a qualified English teacher via the heart of the Balkans

Skopje, in the heart of the Balkans region of Europe, is a hugely impressive capital city with over 6,000 years of rich history. You can…

Skopje, in the heart of the Balkans region of Europe, is a hugely impressive capital city with over 6,000 years of rich history. You can become part of this deep history by taking your CELTA course in North Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great! The face-to-face Cambridge CELTA course in Skopje (with the next course in June 2022) is great value too. But what is the experience like? Ana Kechan, the CELTA tutor at the Skopje location is on hand to tell us what to expect when getting CELTA qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language in this ancient city.

What is Skopje and North Macedonia like?

Skopje is a beautiful mix of traditional architecture and way of life mixed with modern landscapes. It has an exciting nightlife and is ideal for outdoor activities. If I had to choose, though, I would say that the best things about Skopje are the food – delicious mix of Oriental and Balkan cuisine at super-affordable prices; the people are very warm, friendly and helpful, a blend of different cultures, and you can see the whole country in just a few days!

What is life like for an English language teacher trainee in Skopje?

Trainees enjoy Skopje because they can use English to communicate, as most locals, especially younger ones, know the language. They also find the prices of almost everything very affordable. They generally love the fact that you can get everywhere on foot and most people are out in cafes and restaurants during the day, especially on weekends.

What would you say makes the CELTA at Skopje special?

Several things, I would say: first of all, the location. The CELTA course in Skopje is held at a modern facility right in the heart of the city, with places to walk, have coffee, grab a bite to eat, all right there. The centre can organise transport from the city centre to the campus and back if trainees opt for accommodation in the city, but they can also choose to stay in the dormitories, very close to CELTA centre’s location. The centre provides any type of support the trainee may require (logistics, legal assistance) and the experience of the tutors helps trainees adapt quickly to the course and the context.

Why do you think people should take a CELTA course?

Speaking from the experience of over 200 trainees I have worked with, most of them have been able to find jobs within months and sometimes even weeks of the course. I strongly believe that the course gives a very solid foundation and empowers novice and experienced teachers alike to walk into any classroom, in any context, and teach with confidence.

How should a student prepare for the CELTA course in Skopje?

After a trainee’s acceptance on the course, we provide a reading list as well as particular guidelines for preparation that may result from the trainee’s performance on the interview. There is also a pre-course task or, rather, a set of tasks, that each trainee needs to complete before the course starts.

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What post-CELTA career opportunities are available in North Macedonia and the Balkans in general?

North Macedonia and the Balkans are becoming increasingly more aware of the CELTA and the difference the certificate makes when hiring a teacher and there are plenty of teaching opportunities available for those wanting to teach here.

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