CELTA via Oviedo: Discover the Spain you never knew existed!

  CELTA via Oviedo: Discover the Spain you never knew existed! When people think of Spain, you often think of things such as scorching hot…

CELTA via Oviedo: Discover the Spain you never knew existed!

When people think of Spain, you often think of things such as scorching hot weather, sangria and flamenco. But there is another side to Spain, very distinct, but equally charming. This is ‘Green Spain’, and Oviedo, the capital city of the Spanish region of Asturias a perfect destination to enjoy this.

The city is fabulously located, with both the beach and the snow-capped mountains of the Picos de Europa just an hour away. In fact, there are no less than half a dozen stunning national parks within a couple of hours distance from the city.

Taking your CELTA via Oviedo is an ideal way to start your English language teaching journey, or to get formal training for those looking to strengthen their ELT skills and job opportunities. You can either choose to take your course face-to-face in Oviedo, or do it online!

For both the face-to-face and online Oviedo CELTA courses, you can enjoy a 10% off ‘Early Bird’ offer. Additionally, there is also a ‘Bring a Friend’ discount available. This 10% discount applies to both you and your friend.

Find out upcoming dates and times for the face-to-face or online CELTA courses via Ovideo, Spain!

Some key features of Oviedo…

For those of you who love a stroll, Oviedo is the starting point of the ‘Camino Primitivo’ the original St James’ Way route for the Camino de Santiago. This was first travelled by King Alphonso II in the 9th century. The city also links up with a number of the other Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes.

Overlooking the city is the pre-Romanesque Iglesia de Santa María del Naranco, an atmospheric church constructed in the 9th century, from which you can also enjoy a stunning vista of the city. The Pre-Romanesque Art that you find in Oviedo has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and additionally, the city enjoys an array of contemporary art.

The city offers beautiful green spaces and parks, all part of the relaxing environment. The city is the perfect antidote to the intensity of a full-time CELTA course. If you enjoy architecture and sculpture, you will find Oviedo a particular treat too.

Oviedo is a beautiful, organised and clean city. One of the safest cities in Spain, it has a pedestrianised centre that makes for an overall delightful experience. The fantastic and unique sounds of the Asturian bagpipes can also be enjoyed in the city centre, just another of its unique charms.

Cider will not be a drink that many associate with Spain, but Oviedo and Asturias is a region where you can enjoy the very distinct cider and culture that goes alongside it. For any of you who have tried cider in the UK, you’ll soon see that cider here is a very different experience! To sample this, the best place to head to is Calle Gascona. While you are trying the cider, be sure to enjoy some of the other aspects of Asturian cuisine, such as Fabada Asturiana, Cachopo and Arroz con Leche!

Just outside the city

If you have time for a daytrip, or even an afternoon trip, there are a wealth of excellent choices for you. You can sample the coastal city and golden beaches of Gijon with a 30 minute bus ride, while there are countless sandy beaches for you to enjoy in the picturesque Asturian coast.

For those of you who like the mountains, Oviedo is the perfect base for you to go hiking. Not only in the famous Picos de Europa mountain range, but also in Somiedo national park, or any of the other half a dozen ideally national parks that are within an hour of the city. An additional feature for any nature lover, is that not only are there wolves in the Somiedo national park, but it is also one of the only locations with native brown bears in Europe! Depending on the season you visit in, you can also go skiing down the slopes in nearby Riopinos.

For those who love history and other cultural aspects, be sure to visit nearby Covadonga, a famous pilgrimage site. The mountain location features a stunning basilica and shrine, commemorating the famous Battle of Covadonga in 720, the key foundation in the Kingdom of Asturias, which many see as the beginning of the Spanish Reconquista.

The friendliness of the city as a whole is reflected in the warmth and welcoming nature of the CELTA team at the Oviedo centre. So why not take your CELTA face-to-face here, and explore the city and Asturias in general, one of Spain’s hidden gems!

Oviedo and Asturias – job opportunities after completing your CELTA

Asturias is a province with great job opportunities for EFL teachers. Once you have got your visa for Spain, job opportunities are excellent, with demand for teachers outstripping the number of CELTA graduates.

In Asturias a strong network a good letter of recommendation following the course can do wonders, as well.

The Oviedo location acts as a referrer for all the language schools in the area and the only problem is having enough CELTA graduates to recommend! It has always been the case that 100% of trainees with a visa completing a part-time course in the first quarter of the year or an intensive programme in the summer, will get a job in Asturias!

Applying for the CELTA via Oviedo…

Applying is easy through our online application form or via our page with more details about the Oviedo centre and upcoming dates. Make sure you set aside 10 minutes of your own time and then a member of the StudyCELTA team will be in contact with you about the next steps.

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