CELTA via one of the world’s great cities of learning! Become a qualified English teacher in Oxford, UK

Oxford, a wonderful seat of learning set in an idyllic part of England, is a wonderfully charismatic location for your CELTA course. The city is…

Oxford, a wonderful seat of learning set in an idyllic part of England, is a wonderfully charismatic location for your CELTA course. The city is one of the world’s great educational locations, with a rich history and is home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Oxford is a quintessential English city of learning, so it really is an ideal place to become a qualified English language teacher.

We have decided to have a closer look at Oxford, and why you should consider taking your CELTA course via this city steeped in history and learning

The University

Oxford has two universities, the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University, and enjoys an atmosphere of learning and culture, particularly in the central section of the city where the CELTA centres are based. The world-famous University of Oxford dominates the city and draws the brightest and best from across the world to study in the city. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and throughout its history it has been seen as one of the most prestigious learning institutions.

With teaching taking place at the university since the end of the 11th century, the university is closing in on a millennium of academic study. The 39 colleges that make up the university each have their own feel and characteristic. The output in terms of notable figures at the university is enormous, with its alumni providing 30 UK Prime Ministers, 73 Nobel Prize laureates as well as over 160 Olympic medals.

The location

Oxford enjoys the best of both worlds in terms of being surrounded by the beautiful English countryside and close to three of the UK’s major cities. The Cotswolds, renowned for being one of the UK’s most charming and quintessentially English areas, lies to the west of the city, with beautiful rolling hills interspersed with picture postcard villages and a laid-back lifestyle. The area is officially an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is the largest one designated as such in England.
Meanwhile, if you ever want to do a break from Oxford’s refined atmosphere to do some urban exploring, you are only 60 miles from London to the east, Birmingham to the north and Bristol to the west. In fact, the River Thames, which runs through the heart of London, also flows through Oxford too.

The history and culture

The city is a joy for anyone with an interest in architecture, with buildings to be found in every style of English architecture going right back to Anglo Saxon times.

For those wishing to take advantage of the cultural offerings, the city is home to a wide number of museums and galleries, most of which are free to the public. These include the Ashmolean Museum (which is also a gallery hosting works by Michelangelo, Turner, Da Vinci and Picasso) , the oldest museum in the UK (dating back to the 1670s) as well as the world’s first university museum. Other museums to check out include the University Museum of Natural History, the Pitt Rivers Museum (for archaeology and anthropology) as well as the Museum of the History of Science. For those interested in music, the city has a thriving and varied music scene, including being the home of internationally renowned indie band Radiohead.

The city has enjoyed a wide range of famous literary figures too. Well-known individuals from the world of literature that have been based in the city include Lewis Carol (think Alice in Wonderland), C.S. Lewis, Iris Murdoch, J.R.R Tolkien, Philip Pullman and Oscar Wilde. Oxford was also the home and setting of the Inspector Morse detective novels by Colin Dexter and a hugely popular TV series as well.

You can be part of this rich tradition of learning by taking your CELTA course in this amazing UK location! Interested? You can see all of the upcoming Oxford CELTA dates here.

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