CELTA via Dublin (Dame St): Stuart McMillan Interview

  CELTA via Dublin (Dame St): Interview with Main Course Tutor, Stuart McMillan Take a Dublin CELTA course! The beautiful Irish capital is an ideal…


CELTA via Dublin (Dame St): Interview with Main Course Tutor, Stuart McMillan

Take a Dublin CELTA course! The beautiful Irish capital is an ideal place to take your CELTA, a huge step in your English language teaching journey. We’re delighted to speak with Stuart McMillan, the CELTA Main Course Tutor at the Dublin (Dame Street) centre in the heart of the city, who shares with us his own expert experience and insight into what it is like taking the CELTA with Dublin (Dame Street), either online and face-to-face. Here’s what Stuart had to say:

What brought you into the world of English language teaching in Dublin?

I started my English teaching in Spain in 1999 and after a few years there I was drawn back to Ireland where I have been working since 2005. Where does the time go?

What will a face-to-face CELTA in Dublin be like?

A face-to-face course with us goes by so quickly. There is a lot of work, assignments, and Teaching Practices to get through, but with the assistance that we give you, we hope that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

How would you reassure someone that a face-to-face CELTA via Dublin will be safe?

Here at the Centre of English Studies, we ensure that all safety protocols are followed with regards to social distancing and safety. One’s safety is paramount and it is our main concern that everyone’s stay with us is a safe experience.

If someone prefers to take an online CELTA via Dublin, what are these courses like?

We try, as much as we can, to replicate, our regular course in an online setting by delivering the vast majority of our own sessions through Zoom. The many candidates that we have had over the last year have found this to be interactive and rewarding as we engage everyone throughout these sessions. They also get to teach students from all over the world in our online Teaching Practices.

How should a student prepare for the CELTA course?

It is important to do some research in order to prepare oneself before beginning the course. We recommend certain books to get before the course as these will be invaluable. The best warm up one can do though is to put as much effort into our pre-course task. This is great warm up for the course as it helps to prepare one for what they will go through over the upcoming weeks.

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What advice would you give in terms of post-CELTA employment?

With travel restrictions easing, the world is reopening again for everyone and successful candidates will again be able to work all over the world. The CELTA is the most respected and recognised teacher training course that one can do, so work opportunities should be plentiful in the near future.

What is the one thing people shouldn’t miss when they come to take their CELTA in Dublin?

With so many places to visit in Dublin, it is hard to say. If one is looking for a night out, there are so many pubs and restaurants. The city also boasts many marvellous museums and galleries (with many of them being free to enter). There are also many great tourist destinations just outside of the city as well such as Glendalough and Newgrange. Despite being a small city, one will always have something to see and do in Dublin.

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