CELTA via Auckland, New Zealand. A unique city in a unique country

Auckland, on the country’s North Island, is New Zealand’s largest city and is a place buzzing with activity yet with a laid back feel to…

Auckland, on the country’s North Island, is New Zealand’s largest city and is a place buzzing with activity yet with a laid back feel to it. It is a melting pot of around one and half million people and is seen as one of the world’s most liveable cities offering an excellent quality of life. The city has a vibrant art scene, the country’s largest university, a pleasant, mild climate and a huge array of different leisure activities. It is an excellent option for you when considering where to take your CELTA.

We chatted with with Auckland CELTA course tutor Linda Martin, to ask her about what it is like to take the Cambridge CELTA via this beautiful location

What is Auckland like as a city?

Auckland is a fantastic city to spend five weeks in while you do your CELTA. Its location on an isthmus means that the sea is never far away, so you’re always getting glimpses of the water. It’s also a very green city, with lots of parks and hills (volcanoes, really) where you can have a touch of nature.

What makes taking the CELTA in Auckland so special?

The CELTA is intensive, but we help make it more manageable by running the course over five weeks instead of the usual four. Having Fridays off really helps trainees manage the workload and reduces the stress levels! Our amazing trainers are also incredibly supportive.

What is the Auckland CELTA centre like?

The Auckland centre is one of the top English language centres in the country, with experienced teachers from a wide range of backgrounds. Our two campus locations are very close to the main transport hub (Britomart) as well as the Viaduct area, which is full of bars and restaurants.

Tell us about your own English language teaching journey

I wanted to travel after finishing university, and teaching English seemed like a good way to fund the journey. After doing my initial English teaching training and working in Auckland for a while, I set off – and worked in Malta, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Spain, England, and Australia. It was amazing! In 2019, after returning to New Zealand, I completed my DELTA and started teacher training.

What can trainees expect from the Auckland CELTA course?

As I mentioned above, CELTA is intense. There’s a lot to take in, and lesson planning and assignments can take more time than you might think. However, the tutors are there to support the trainees, and with Fridays off, there’s a bit more time and less stress!

How can trainees make the most of their CELTA course?

It’s worth doing some background reading before starting the course. During the course, make sure you can focus on CELTA – working at the same time really isn’t a good idea. Remember that the other trainees are in the same situation as you, and you can support each other!

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Is there a good post-CELTA job market for English language trainees in New Zealand?

Right now (for 2023) there’s a fantastic post-CELTA job market. A lot of English teachers left the industry as a result of the borders being closed due to Covid, but now that they are open again, there’s an influx of students. English language schools are hiring like crazy.

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