Your First Stop to Travelling the World – and Getting Paid

Friday 29th December 2017

Your First Stop to Travelling the World – and Getting Paid

How fresh university graduates in the UK can spend a year – or many – travelling the world with income to spare.

How fresh university graduates (and others) can spend a year – or many – travelling the world with income to spare

“Who doesn’t want to travel the world, and get paid to do it?” 

Ask that question to a crowded university lecture hall, and you’ll hear crickets.

Straight out of study and daunted by all the career options (or lack thereof) before them, most university graduates would jump at the chance to travel for a few years, save some money on the side, and make the most of their youthful freedom.

It’s not just a dream – the prospects for recent university graduates to get out of the country and go gallivanting abroad are very much a reality, and a very accessible one at that.

You’re in luck – you’re in the perfect position to seek a few years of paid travel… or maybe even a whole career. Here’s how:

1. It’s right on the doorstep or Europe

You’d be mad not to take advantage of the cheap and cheaper flights, the burgeoning budget airlines, and the comparatively lower cost of living across Europe – an overseas job is becoming more and more like an extended commute.

It’s increasingly easier to work across the continent, with English-speaking employers in hot demand. Take advantage of your university studies and language ability; jobs are booming in the writing and marketing industry, in engineering, English teaching and international business.

2. The English teaching industry is booming – and the UK’s a great place to get trained

One of the most common options for post-uni gap years (which, in many cases, actually turn into life long careers), is English teaching. We already know that the demand for English-speaking workers is rising, and there aren’t enough Brits in Europe to pass around.

So, traditionally non-English speaking countries are becoming increasingly Anglophone by the minute – and they need you to help them get there.

English teaching is more than just standing in front of a blackboard and printing hand-outs – it can actually be really rewarding. For most people, learning English actually helps them on a much broader scale – it could be finding a new job, being able to travel abroad, or even just watching their favourite TV shows without the subtitles.

If you’ve just finished university, you’re already at a great advantage – Bachelor’s degrees are normally a minimum requirement for English teachers across Europe. But there’s just one more little thing you’ll need to really hone your teacher skills, and make yourself eligible to be hired.

The University of Cambridge’s CELTA, the world’s most recognised English teaching certificate, will get you through the door at almost every language academy. 

Just tack the month-long course onto the end of your university studies, and voila! (that’s a word you’ll need if you decide to teach in France) – you’re now poised to travel and get paid.

3. The UK is full of international students – so get networking

Thousands of international students flock to UK universities each year – they’re known for their quality and lower cost of living compared to institutions further south.

For those of you with a bit of a self-promotional knack, Erasmus and other foreign students present a whole lot of leads for international employment.

They’ve not doubt got connections back in their home countries – from past employers to future ones – and can help you out with questions about the job industry, where to look for work, and how much you can expect to get paid.

Where to start?

The first step in your new, international career travelling the world, is to decide exactly what you want to do. Play to your strengths; university qualified: check, English speaker: check, sense of adventure: check.

Once you know what you want to do, start looking at what you need to be able to do it. Do you need to get your degree validated abroad? Do you need to do some extra training? Brush up on a new language, make some foreign friends?

Then, all that’s left is to go! 

Get in touch with one of our training experts, and find out how you can make the overseas dream a reality.

Find out more about the CELTA course. See more information on and apply to upcoming CELTA courses.

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