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  • Note that the course deposit (500€) should be paid within 7 days of a place on the requested course being offered to secure a place on the specified dates.
  • If accommodation has been requested, a deposit of 20 -25% of the accommodation total cost is required alongside the course deposit
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • The balance of the course fees needs to be paid together with the balance of the accommodation fees at least 6 weeks before the course commencement date.
  • Options for Spanish courses before or after your CELTA course.

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About the CELTA Course

CELTA is the most widely recognised initial qualification for those wishing to start a career in ELT (English Language Teaching) and the minimum required qualification for most serious ELT schools. CELTA is designed for those with no previous ELT experience, or those with some limited experience who feel the need for formal training, new ideas and an approved certificate. It is intended for native English speakers, or non-natives of near-native proficiency.

CELTA is a highly practical course which provides initial training in English language teaching to Adults. Successful CELTA candidates will gain a thorough basic grounding in all areas of modern ELT. It aims at laying a firm foundation on which a teacher can build with experience. The course combines classroom methodology and grounding in language and learning issues with guided and assessed teaching practice. It presents a view of the principles underlying language teaching and deals extensively with the analysis of English from a learner's perspective.

CELTA courses in Malaga are full-time 4-week intensive courses of approximately 120 hours, of a very 'hands on' nature, complying fully with the UCLES guidelines and syllabus. You will be teaching from day 2 of the course.

The CELTA demands a great deal of work, both during and after course hours, so you should not take on other work during this time.

CELTA Entry requirements

The CELTA requirements are as follows:

  1. A minimum age of 18 at the start of the CELTA course. Applicants over 18 years of age may still be admitted at the discretion of the course coordinator.
  2. A good standard of education (e.g. having gained University entrance qualifications, finished secondary schooling) Applicants who do not hold university entrance level qualifications may be admitted at the discretion of the Course Coordinator.
  3. Awareness and high level of competence in both written and spoken English
  4. Non-native speakers need a near native level (e.g. Proficiency (CPE), IELTS 7.5+)
  5. No previous teaching experience required

CELTA Selection Procedure

Selection of candidates is based on the completion of the application form, pre-interview tasks and an interview. Interviews are conducted at the school in Malaga, by telephone or by Skype.

Acceptance on the course is by no means automatic: a rigorous selection process is undertaken in the interest of candidates in order to ensure their suitability and a high degree of success on the course.

Acceptance is at the discretion of the centre.

As demand is always high you should submit your application at least 3-4 months prior to the course you wish to take.


Find a TEFL Job Post CELTA

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website www.teflwork.com. TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained CELTA certificate.

The CELTA Course Syllabus

The CELTA programme has been designed in accordance to UCLES' Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines. The aim of this initial scheme is to:

1.Develop practical awareness of:


  • cultural and individual needs
  • approaches to learning difficulties, learner styles
  • the motivation of adult learners


  • linguistic form, function and meaning, including a knowledge of grammar and its terminology
  • appreciation of structure and function
  • an understanding of the principles of selection and grading
  • an introduction to how subject matter and context affects language
  • the importance of phonology


  • course books and teachers' books and supplementary materials and provision of special interest
  • materials
  • adapting authentic and non-authentic materials
  • teacher-made materials
  • reference works for both teachers and learners

2. To develop practical ability in:

  • Classroom management and lesson planning
  • the ability to arrange the physical environment appropriately for different learning situations and to
  • establish an appropriate atmosphere for learning
  • giving appropriate instructions for group tasks
  • monitoring the progress of groups and individuals
  • the ability to plan both individual lessons and a series of lessons appropriate to student needs,
  • with a range of approaches and lesson types

Introduction and practice of new language

  • the ability to select language and language areas appropriate to students' needs and level
  • to introduce language clearly and efficiently to students
  • to check learning and understanding at all stages of this process using appropriate techniques
  • the ability to deal sensitively and effectively with student errors and gaps
  • to devise and operate appropriate activities for written and oral practice in order to develop the
  • accuracy, fluency and complexity of learner language
  • to encourage and guide students towards noticing language in naturally occurring texts

Developing the skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

  • the ability to develop the four skills using techniques which foster not only their individual
  • development but also their integration
  • to select appropriate materials and to have the ability to use a wide range of techniques to this end
  • to use and adapt authentic and non-authentic materials appropriately.

CELTA Timetable

Sessions are held between 9.30 am and 18.00 pm including teaching practice. Note that the course is full-time: it is not possible to combine the course with regular teaching. Observation of experienced teachers (8 hours in total) takes place after course hours, as does individual lesson preparation.

CELTA Course Assessment

Assessment of the Cambridge CELTA course is continuous. Progress in practical teaching ability is of the greatest importance, but all aspects of performance and work done on the course are taken into consideration for the final grading, including the candidate's written work, professionalism, and suitability as a future member of staff in an ELT context.

  • Candidates are constantly informed of their progress during the course by written commentary and oral feedback on their teaching practice and written assignments, and by tutorial. This may be formulated in terms of passing and failing.
  • Candidates who successfully complete the CELTA course will receive the Cambridge Certificate. The grades possible are Pass A, Pass B, Pass, or "No Certificate Awarded". In addition, the Teacher Training Centre issues a graded certificate-report. This report describes the candidate's performance in some detail and serves as a vital document to prospective employers.
  • The Teacher Training Centre in Malaga cannot enter into either discussion or correspondence concerning results or assessments. Should a candidate wish to lodge any form of complaint, the appropriate channels for doing so will be indicated to them.

How to Apply for the CELTA in Malaga, Spain

If you believe you meet the requirements to do the CELTA course, fill in our online application. After completing your application and any necessary pre-interview tasks you will be invited to an interview which can be conducted in person, by telephone or via Skype.

Please note: Your place is not confirmed on a course until you have been accepted and have paid a non-refundable deposit.

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Enrolment Cancellations

Once a vacancy on the CELTA course has been offered to you, you will have one week to pay your deposit and secure the vacancy.

This deposit is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another course, provided that a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is given.

The balance of the course fees is due four weeks prior to the starting date of the course. In the case of illness whilst attending the course or in the 4 weeks immediately preceding it, it is entirely at the discretion of the school as to whether the student can be deferred and offered a place on a future course.

If cancellation is made within four weeks of the starting date, in no circumstances will money be refunded. Refunds of the course fee less the deposit may be considered in exceptional circumstances when the cancellation is made over four weeks prior to the start of the course.

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How to pay

Payments can be made via bank transfer or in person at the school.

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