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CELTA 100% Online hosted by Brisbane

For a limited time only due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is now possible to complete the CELTA fully online from the safety of your home.

How does the CELTA 100% Online work?

The fully online CELTA meets all of the Cambridge requirements and your certificate will be exactly the same as if you had completed the face to face version of the course.

The first month of the course does not include any teaching practice sessions and will allow you to get used to learning in a virtual environment and train in using it effectively. Input and teaching practice will be 'live' and through the video conferencing platform, Zoom. You will be teaching real students who will be logging into the lessons via Zoom and your classes will be assessed and moderated by an accredited CELTA tutor. Part of the assessment also includes four written assignments that you will need to complete throughout the course.

Will it say that I took the CELTA "Online" on my certificate?

Your certificate will state that you have completed the CELTA and it will be awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment (a part of the University of Cambridge). It will not state what format or how you took the CELTA.

What are the requirements for taking the CELTA 100% Online?

The eligibility requirements are still the same for taking the CELTA 100% Online. These requirements are:

  1.  That you are 18 or over
  2.  That you have a high language and grammar awareness or have an English language proficiency score of an IELTS 7.5 or a high C1
  3. That you have the qualifications that makes you eligible for higher education e.g. university (otherwise life experience can be taken into account)

For the online learning, we do recommend you also have:

  1.  A good internet connection
  2. A laptop or desktop computer with speakers and a microphone
  3. A designated and comfortable working space at home

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Are there any additional costs?

There are no additional costs. We recommend that you buy the books required to complete the course. You can find them here.

CELTA Entry Criteria

Candidates must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a good educational background (preferably of university entrance standard.)
  • have an excellent command of both written and spoken English

About the CELTA Course

CELTA – that’s the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults – is the most highly recognised and regarded initial English teaching certification worldwide. It’s awarded by the University of Cambridge’s English Language Assessment, meaning you can rely on its quality and accreditation. Every year, more than 10,000 people the world over complete a CELTA course.

You can find out everything you need to know about the CELTA course here.

CELTA Course Content

The course is divided into:

1. Language Analysis

These sessions:

  • develop an ability to analyse language in terms of meaning, form, sound and usage
  • mainly focus on grammar and pronunciation

2. Methodology

These sessions cover:

  • different approaches to language teaching
  • techniques for presentation and practice of new language
  • classroom management
  • lesson-planning
  • use of commercially produced and authentic materials
  • developing listening, reading and writing skills

3. Teaching Practice

Each trainee is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours observed teaching practice with classes of adult learners

4. Observation of experienced Teachers

This involves observing language centre teachers for a total of 8 hours during the course

How Much Time Does an Online Blended CELTA Take Each Week?

The Online Blended CELTA has face to face components over a period to be determined (see dates and  fees). The online component is divided roughly into about 2 modules per week with each module taking 2-3 hours. You can expect to do 4-6 hours each week just for online work and then probably 2-4 for outside reading and assignments.

CELTA Course Assessment

Assessment is continuous and is based on:

  • performance in Teaching Practice
  • an ability to evaluate one’s own lessons
  • the quality/punctuality of written assignments
  • lesson plans
  • participation in all aspects of the course
  • attendance, which is expected to be 100%

It is possible to pass the course at three levels: Pass A - Pass B - Pass

The final grades are awarded by the tutors and ratified by the visiting Cambridge assessor after the course.

CELTA is not hard in the sense that the material is difficult to understand. The course is often considered difficult because it is very intense and there are many deadlines to meet in the space of a month (or 10 weeks in its extensive form). A lot of concepts that are possibly quite new to the candidate are introduced in quick succession and candidates have to be ready to assimilate the information and apply it quickly.

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Employment and Job Counselling

During the CELTA course, there is time devoted to provide you with useful information about how, where and when to look for teaching work after the course in Australia and all around the world. The CELTA qualification is the most prestigious and well-known of all the TEFL courses. It is recognised all over the world, not only in Australia. This means that with the CELTA qualification, numerous TEFL job opportunities are available worldwide.

When checking websites advertising English teaching jobs, you will often see CELTA listed as the preferred qualification.

There is a lot of scope for career advancement within the teacher training centre. Following the CELTA, teachers can continue to study for the Delta in order to advance into school management positions. We encourage trainees to keep in touch with us after they have finished their course either so we can advise them on how to go on to do the Delta course, or to give advice on finding work.


Find a TEFL Job Post CELTA

As a StudyCELTA trainee, you will be able to sign up for free to our TEFL jobs website www.teflwork.com. TEFLwork is a platform only for qualified English teachers and will allow you to find work both at home and abroad with your newly gained CELTA certificate.

How to Apply for the CELTA in Brisbane, Australia

If you believe you meet the requirements to do the CELTA course, fill in our online application. After completing your application and any necessary pre-interview tasks, you will be invited to an interview which can be conducted in person, by telephone or via Skype.

Please note: Your place is not confirmed on a course until you have been accepted and have paid a non-refundable deposit.

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Unsure if you are Eligible to Apply for CELTA?

If you are unsure if you meet the requirements to apply for a CELTA course, then you can take our CELTA Eligibility Test.

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How to Pay

Having been offered a place on the course, the school will inform you of payment options. A deposit is required immediately to secure a place with the remainder due normally about two weeks before the starting date.

Conditions of Enrolment

Selection Criteria, Assessment and Grades

  • The CELTA is a Pass/Fail course, and if the candidate receives a 'Fail' grade or withdraws, the result cannot be changed, and the course fee will not be refunded.
  • The CELTA Centre requires 100% class attendance, in addition to work outside of scheduled contact hours.  As a result, absences, tardiness, incomplete or late assignments may compromise grades on the course.
  • Information disclosed in the application must be complete and accurate, including any circumstances that may affect performance on the course.
  • All cancellations must be received in writing.

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