Cape Town’s CELTA Scene

 The need for CELTA qualified teachers is high and it’s no surprise then that English language teaching is among South Africa’s top export industries.


Cape Town CELTA: Great City, Accommodation, Work and Training Packages…Why Wouldn’t You Get CELTA Certified here?


Demand for English fluency is at an alltime high across the globe. The need for CELTA qualified teachers is high and it’s no surprise then that English language teaching is among South Africa’s top export industriesGearing people up to teach English abroad is something that Cape Town and it’s CELTA centres are good at. 

Getting a Fast Return on your TEFL Training Investment

Most of you will agree that committing yourself to getting TEFL certified is part of a bigger plan to work and or travelThe world recognised CELTA qualification and job opportunities go together like peas and carrots. In Cape Town the CELTA training centres know this. On completion of the CELTA the centres have immediate work opportunities through their networks and partnerships with language schools abroad directly or via jobs platforms such as TEFLworkThis could be through a pathway to work in China, Vietnam, language centres throughout Central and South America or programme to get involved with in South Africa itself.  

Preparing you for Teaching Work 

During your CELTA course in Cape Town you can expect to get help with creating your English teaching CV (resume) and portfolio. During sessions, you receive job-search tips, advice on English teaching work contracts, visas, as well as what to expect from a good language school. For more tips on interviews and resumes, you can see TEFLwork’s helpful Tips for Applying for Teaching Jobs.

Getting a Visa to Work Abroad for South African Teachers  

Mick Griggs from our Cape Town CBD training centre explains, “If you’re willing to travel and be a little flexible about where you work, then you’ll find some teaching work. The Far East and the Middle East are popular destinations for many South Africans, but South America and Central Europe are also popular.”

If you are South African and haven’t already secured yourself a job, the first step would be to visit your dream destination. Currently about 90 countries allow access for the South African passport, aka the Green MambaFor other countries, you’ll need to apply for a special visa. For example, if you want to teach English in the EU, you’ll need to research the requirements of obtaining a Schengen Visa.  Once you are in your chosen work location and have bagged your dream job at a school, usually the team will be able to help you secure a longer work visa.

See countries where there is an agreement with the South African “Green Mamba”  

Applying for jobs abroad can incur a lot of time and money on fees and paperwork for visas. A job offer that covers that work for you as part of their employment package is worth looking into. 

Our sister site TEFLwork currently have jobs in Vietnam which are suitable for South African CELTA graduates. The team at the school will help arrange your visa & work permit, reducing the stress and cost of the process. You just need to ensure your documents are legalised before you arrive in Vietnam.

Check out all the jobs on TEFLwork 

Gap Year Working as an English Teacher in South Africa

So, South Africa is on your wishlist of countries to visit. Getting involved with community projects while you’re there is a great way to really get to know a placeSouth Africa has 11 official languages and English is one of them. Volunteer teaching in South Africa is an option for newly qualified ESL/EAL teachers and there are many literacy and numeracy projects with children in disadvantaged schools.  

There are also teaching opportunities where a subject such as sport or technology is taught in English as the language of instruction. English may not be the language that is spoken outside the school gate, so your newfound awareness of teaching and language learning will be put to good use. Look around for projects to get involved with while you are in South Africa to enrich your time there or ask the CELTA centre directly for programmes they are affiliated with. 

What Key Attributes do You Need to be an English Teacher? 

The best people to answer that question are the CELTA tutors themselves. No one knows better the pathways and career trajectories of English teachers than they do. Why? Because they’ve done it all themselves! 

“I wanted to help others learn what I had learnt. Some of the first teachers I trained were primary and secondary school teachers from Mozambique. It was great to later visit them and see how they were applying the techniques in their own school contexts.” 

– CELTA Tutor Susan Walden, Cape Town Sea Point

Susan Walden is one of the Cape Town Sea Point based CELTA tutors. From her wealth of experience, she tells us that the great thing about CELTA courses is that they attract people of all sorts of ages from all sorts of backgrounds. Another strength of the CELTA course according to Susan is the wealth of transferable skills that the CELTA course content and the resulting English teaching provides.  

For most candidates CELTA is one of the steepest learning curves they have experienced, and the more open you are to new ideas, the more you will get out of the course. 

Susan believes that the core attribute of a successful CELTA candidate is real love of working with people and being very structured and well-organised. Having an open mind to learning about what constitutes effective teaching and an interest in language and how it works are also tickets to a successful TEFL/TESOL career. 

Why Should You Get TEFL/TESOL Certified in Cape Town, South Africa?

“Obviously the city of Cape Town is also a huge draw, with its spectacular scenery and fantastic lifestyle.” Mick Griggs, Cape Town CBD

Any local of Cape Town will agree, the city itself is also a huge draw, with its spectacular scenery nestled in against the spectacular Table Mountain, its arty nooks and crannies and fantastic lifestyle. From mountains to surf beaches, Cape Town is also dotted with amazing wildlife – like penguins! Weekend activities or post CELTA exploring can be organised quickly and easily with the Cape Town CELTA centres being able to advise on places to eat places to go and things to do. You’ll also have your fellow CELTA candidates to explore the city with. 


CELTA in Cape Town has the extra advantage that accommodation is cheaper than in many other major cities around the world. This all adds up when you have to factor in a month’s rent into the overall cost of getting qualified as an English teacher. The Centres can offer help with a range of accommodation types, from individual apartments to rooms in host families, the latter being very popular as a way of learning about South African culture. Our Cape Town CBD centre even boasts a pool at one of their student houses!

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