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what is the celta pre-interview task?

What is the CELTA Pre Interview Task?

The Ultimate Guide to the CELTA Pre-Interview Task After some googling and researching, you have finally chosen your preferred location to take CELTA. You have completed...

CELTA in Oxford

CELTA in Oxford, UK: An interview with Head of Teacher Training, Dave Briggs

Famed for its university, which is allegedly one of the second oldest universities in the world, Oxford has produced some of the most famous scientists, teachers and...

Chatting All Things CELTA in Oviedo with Adriana Real Ferreiro, Centre Exams Manager

Just about smack dab in the middle of Spain’s northern coast lies the elegant city of Oviedo. This underrated city has a lively student culture and historical...

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a CELTA

Starting a new career in English language teaching with the CELTA is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. But it’s also one of the most nerve-wracking. It’s...

StudyCELTA testimonials

Customers’ Testimonials: What people say about StudyCELTA

Customers' Testimonials: What people say about StudyCELTA Testimonials are important for us; we value them incredibly as they help us improve our services. For the past...

Language & Learning: Taking the CELTA in Cairo

You’ve probably read about Cairo and the nearby Pyramids of Giza in history class. You know all about the Sphinx and the Nile River, but did you know it’s also a...

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