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Neil,  Anglo Saxon and early adopter/inventor of the beloved phrasal verb, is doing a little jig of happiness along with Queen Elizabeth I, who enjoyed a cheeky phrasal verb in prose, and Norm, the Norman conqueror, who was reluctant to adopt the phrasal verb, preferring to stick to his Latinates.

Just another image courtesy of ELTCampus’ Grammar Refresher and Language Awareness Course. Perfect for candidates who need to brush up on language awareness. Created by Emma Pratt.

This course forms part of the Introductory Course Bundle for CELTA Preparation that includes the ELTons 2016 nominated TEFL Preparation Course written by CELTA and Delta trainer Jamie King and developed by Emma Pratt.

The Preparation Course introduces key terms and concepts to anyone about to take the CELTA and wants to feel more confident going into the course. This is perfect for candidates who haven’t been exposed to current teaching and learning methodologies or concepts such as Learner Centredness, and who would benefit from a little exposure before the course starts.

ELTCampus has an Affiliate Programme for recommending these courses. Contact Emma Pratt training@eltcampus.com for more information.

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