Reina Gunge CELTA Testimonial

The classrooms very very nice, with surprisingly light chairs and tables. It was really easy to organize the classroom. Most classrooms had big windows and the atmosphere of the classrooms was nice too. The centre also has a fridge, free coffee, and tea. They helped us a lot when we wanted some drinks for relaxation.

I had two tutors and both of them were really helpful, cheerful and most of all, had very good personalities. They were willing to help us and give advice when we needed and I was helped by them so much.

Before I took the course, I didn’t understand what it meant to ‘teach’ ‘to facilitate learning’, although I had been teaching English. Now, I know what I have to do as a teacher to help students learn English.

This course is very intensive, but if you are willing to learn and improve as an English teacher, I strongly recommend you to take this course. I wasn’t very confident in my English ability or teaching ability and was really worried if I could survive the course, but with the help and support from my tutors and colleagues, it all went fine.

I’m still 18 and I haven’t finished my university, so I am planning to go to a university where I can study TESOL and become an English teacher in Japan in the future.

Name: Reina Gunge
Nationality: Japan
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Kobe
My Rating:

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