Gerhard CELTA Testimonial

Having researched numerous TEFL courses I eventually decided on doing the CELTA in Cape Town, although a 4-week intensive course seemed a little daunting.

It was a total eye opener on how little I knew about teaching, worth while for those who are looking for a qualification that stand out from the rest! The workload was “heavy” but manageable, however this qualification is not meant for those who like to sleep 8 hrs per night!

The staff and trainers was absolutely fabulous, and supported us all the way. Class numbers were small with staff spending quality time with students. I received numerous work offers in Europe. On the other side of the coin, you will never become rich, but teaching provides a lot of satisfaction. Language schools underestimate the value of the CELTA vs. the hourly pay rate they offer to teachers. Nevertheless, you can not go wrong with this qualification.

Name: Gerhard Jens
Nationality: South Africa
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Cape Town
My Rating:
Cape Town, CELTA, CELTA Cape Town

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