Chris CELTA Austin Review

Though I haven’t taught English language courses since completing my CELTA in the spring of 2016, I use many of the skills gained and concepts covered in the course in my current work at San José State University, where I teach a year-long freshman writing class. Nearly all of my students speak a language other than English at home, and many of my students spoke no English until they began elementary school.

Having the certificate made me a much more attractive candidate when I applied for the job, and having had the experience has made me a better teacher. Though CELTA is a course focused on English language instruction, its focus on preparation and lesson planning are skills that translate to any classroom.

As the semester draws to a close, I am looking forward to a summer break focused on writing and am in the process of applying for a Master’s in TESOL. In the next few years, I hope to transition to teaching high school age English Language Learners.

Name: Chris Garrecht
Nationality: USA
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Austin
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Austin, CELTA, CELTA Austin

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