Review for Florence, Italy

The tutors were fantastic! They made the CELTA course an unforgettable experience together with the trainees. We were a very compact group who liked to help each other and this was stimulated by the tutors as well. The trainers were always available for any doubt and very very supportive. They really wanted us to succeed and keep improving and did the impossible to give hints, suggestions, and pass us their knowledge based on decades of teaching experience. I am really thankful for their encouragement and passion for what they teach.
One person from the CELTA center in Florence was available for a special ZOOM online brief course for us, older students, to understand how it works. I am very grateful for that as well. Thank you!

Name: Annalisa Balestrino
Nationality: Italy
Course Type: CELTA - Online Intensive
Course Location: CELTA Online
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Florence, Florence

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