Malak CELTA Istanbul

The facilities in the teacher training centre were very good, we had access to the printer, the computers and the great library with all types of books. Also, the classrooms were provided with great equipment that help the students feel comfortable and help the teacher teach efficiently.

The tutors were fabulous, because they were knowledgeable and very professional. They taught us very well and were always listening and putting great efforts into helping us understand and completely learn new concepts according to the teaching field. Moreover, the tutors were motivating and very inspiring because they really master the role of being a teacher and are considered a model to follow since we are studying to develop and reach professionalism.

The course has been very useful for me, since I have just graduated and I have never had a teaching experience before. At the beginning It was very stressful but, I learned what is to be a teacher and how the teacher should think and perceive things in order to teach. Honestly speaking, It was the most intensive course I have ever done, but It is very worthy because now, I am ready to face the professional world.

Actually, I would be glad to tell new people interested in taking CELTA that this course is one of the most valuable courses in the world. I would advice them to remain positive and optimistic and not to stress. I would also advice new people to be resilient and work very hard. But the most important thing that they really should follow to pass the course, is to listen to the tutor’s feedback and advice, because their advice are the basis of our success.

Now that I am back to my country, I am applying for jobs and I feel very comfortable to start my career as a new teacher. I am considering the points that I have to develop for the future so I can apply for Delta and be more professional as an international teacher.

Name: Malak Karimeddine
Nationality: Morocco
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Istanbul (Levent)
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Istanbul, Istanbul

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