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The facilities were excellent at the school. We had a copier that always worked (which was absolutely crucial to the course). The office hours were reasonable. There were tons of coursebooks available for borrowing. The computer lab was great. The classroom that we used for teaching and observation was a bit small, but not a big deal. Overall–great facilities.

The tutors were amazingly helpful. I learned so much from their feedback sessions that followed my lessons and those of my classmates. The notes that they gave me on my Lesson Plan documents were also very detailed and useful. They taught great input sessions as well. 5 stars for my tutors!

I entered into the course mostly with an aim of securing the CELTA certificate for the cache and recognition that it carries. However, my experience was so much more than that. I became a teacher during this process! I grew in great proportions in a short time. I became more organized. I was able to mix with and learn from amazing tutors and fellow teachers. I was able to connect with the students and realize that I really may be destined for a lifelong career in this field! It was a wonderful surprise.

Be prepared to sacrifice your free time. The course does not stop. Use your weekends to get ahead on things to help you keep your sanity. Sleep well when you can. Be aware that you need to be very organized and plan everything thoroughly. The course is not difficult just time-consuming and demanding. I had an absolute blast in the course even though it was hard. I bonded with my fellow teachers and learned so much. I really loved it!

Name: Matthew Coleman
Nationality: USA
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Sofia
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