Jessie CELTA Sunshine Coast Review

The facilities were fantastic. We were taught in the same classrooms that they teach their regular ESL classes. This provided us with realistic examples of how to use the space and resources. And the view? Wow.

The tutors were lovely and very genuine. They provided a variety of teaching styles and helped us feel comfortable without coddling us the entire way. Their hard work was obvious and we felt motivated to work hard in return.

Honestly, the course has be more useful than any other ESL courses I have previously taken, including one through a university. I left feeling much more equipped to teach, despite having 2 years ESL experience prior to the course. The feedback for the practical element was very constructive and the theoretical element was, for once, engaging and applicable to a real ESL classroom.

I would advise thought interested in taking the CELTA to take criticism! Some of the advice might sound absurdly “nit-picky” to begin with but trust me when I say you will feel infinitely more satisfied with your teaching when you start to apply it. In saying that, try not to be too hard on yourself. The tutors know you’re there to learn and they’re very supportive the whole way through.

I really can’t sing Sunshine Coast’s CELTA centre’s praises any louder. I was sad when it came to an end which is not a common reaction I’d come across when I was initially scouring through CELTA course reviews.

Name: Jessie-Zoe Robertson
Nationality: Australia
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Sunshine Coast
My Rating:
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