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The facilities of this center were excellent. They had computers, copier, and scanner machine to use it for all the TPS. they had excellent books to search and help the teachers to do the lesson plans and the different portfolio tasks. The classrooms were comfortable, with computers and smart boards to work with the students. they have an air conditioner and comfortable desks.

The tutors were professional, they helped us with everything. They are excellent teachers. they know what they are doing. They gave us many different good strategies, ideas and pieces of advice to be a better teacher. I totally recommend them. I learned a lot and I will use all the good ideas that they gave me in my job.

The course was extraordinary useful I had learned a lot from all the tutors and the teachers.I will use all the strategies, ideas and games while I am teaching.

I would give other teachers one piece of advice; try to take notes every time the tutors are demonstrating the classes and in the inputs they have wonderful ideas that you can use in your tps or lessons.

Name: Juliana Sanchez Botero
Nationality: Colombia
Course Type: Young Learners
Course Location: Seville
My Rating:
Seville, Young Learners, Young Learners Seville

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