I feel that this program was very helpful in preparing me to teach ESL. My two mentor teachers Jennifer and Phil were fabulous. They answered questions, were honest, and gave great feedback and constructive criticism. They were so supportive and encouraging. I did find that I spent more time than I initially thought I would on the units and assignments, as well as lesson planning. I was fortunate enough to not have to work during the entire course, so this did allow me to fully concentrate on CELTA and complete everything.

The facilities of the school were fantastic with new equipment, technology, and a large library of ESL materials. I do wish our classes would have been larger. Most days we had 4-5 ESL students to teach. I think this was because the program was overlapping with finals week and Christmas vacation for the University. On the other hand the small number of ESL students was not intimidating, and was still beneficial.

I find this program to be a really valuable experience, and hope my daughter will go to MSU next year and also get a CELTA.

I honestly think that the online experience is probably better than a 1 month intensive course because you have time for your mind to take in all the information that you learn. It was the only solution for me during this time of my life since I have a family.

Name: Rebecca Ann Bacchetti
Nationality: USA
Course Type: CELTA - Online Blended
Course Location: Springfield
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Springfield, Springfield

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