The course was enriching and engrossing. It magically transformed me from an empty receptacle to a capable teacher. In the beginning it seemed overwhelming, but the tutors were empathetic and supportive and made the journey exciting and smooth. English is not my native language and neither did I have qualification in either English or teaching, but the pre-course task prepared me to quite an extent for the actual course. I was conversant with IPA, and terms like CCQ, TTT, distinction between language lessons and skills lessons because of the pre-course task. This helped me to soak in all the associated tenets and techniques that were taught in-depth in the class. I can’t be more effusive towards my highly experienced and qualified tutors for all their help and advice during this roaring trip. Hope this motivates all the eager learners out there!

Name: Dona Mallik
Nationality: India
Course Type: CELTA Full time
Course Location: Sydney (CBD)
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Sydney, Sydney

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