Review for Prague, Czech Republic

I knew from the very beginning what I was signing up for and the CELTA course proved to be quite a roller coaster indeed, but it was worth it. Everything was clear and systematically organized, the tutors were kind, patient and really supportive. Even if the course was online you could really feel everyone’s motivation: the students’ motivation to improve their English language skills, the trainees’ motivation to understand and assimilate more and more information about how to be an English teacher who is focused on students’ needs and last but not least, the tutors’ motivation to help the trainees at any time and with all the necessary resources.
There were four weeks of pressure mixed with excitement. Betty and Kieran, our lovely tutors, made the input sessions really interactive and inviting, and their feedback on our work was always constructive and helped us understand what and how to work on improving our teaching skills. It was really useful to watch our tutors, experienced teachers, at work. They taught us a lot of teaching techniques which will definitely make our future English lessons memorable and enjoyable for our students as well. My peers were awesome too, we all had fun during the input and teaching practice sessions.
Therefore, by the end of the course I could feel that we were all part of something bigger. We’ve become friends and we started to feel like we are members of one big happy family who supports each other. Overall, my experience as a CELTA trainee was memorable and I encourage anybody who wants to apply to just do it and enjoy each stage of this course, because it will pass sooner that expected and you will really miss waking up after snoozing the alarm 2-3 times, getting ready for your TP lessons and having fun with your students, peers and tutors.

Name: Ramona Maria Musat
Nationality: Romania
Course Type: CELTA - Online Intensive
Course Location: CELTA Online
My Rating:
CELTA Online, CELTA Prague

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