Igor CELTA Kobe Review

The CELTA course is a well-known and revered course for new English teachers but also a useful qualification for teachers in general (even if you do not strictly want to do English teaching yourself, it is still quite helpful).

The good

The course is well-designed and professional. I have a lot of respect for the tutors – they work hard. As an academic leader/manager I know first hand how hard it is to mark and evaluate lesson plans and teaching performance. It is no easy task. The speed of their feedback delivery is rather impressive, on top of their lectures during the input session.

The tough

Doing the course full time, I found it quite challenging in spite of being relatively experienced (5 years of teaching under my belt) and this course challenges the way you do things and makes you really think about staging and why things should be done this way – all student centred.

The workload is heavy especially considering that I was in Japan so I wanted to practice Japanese as much as possible whilst doing a full-time course like this. Make no mistake – THIS COURSE IS NOT for you if you are either lazy, not mentally ready for this challenge or committed to long hours for an entire month. Whilst the pass rate is rather high (around 90%) that is only due to the fact that they weed out a lot of unsuitable applicants during the extensive screening process. And that is how it should be, perhaps to avoid giving people who aren’t committed or really serious a false impression that anyone can do this course. It is also a good way to keep the academic standards which are definitely high.

The bad

Nothing really though the lack of breathing space might need to be considered. Also, Not much help discussing career options and the practicality of CELTA, especially on a personal level. (though there is a group session aimed at this)

Overall, I am glad I did the course and passed it but I am not sure whether it is suitable for all teachers. Maybe that’s a good think though.

Good luck, everyone!

Name: Igor König
Nationality: Czech Republic
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Kobe
My Rating:

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