I decided to take the CELTA course as part of my professional development and personal growth. I have worked with young learners for three years, however my experience in teaching adults was limited to private tuition. In retrospect, I must admit, I did not have complete awareness of what or how I was teaching.

The CELTA course has taught me that there is always a reason and there is always a way and it is part of the challenge to discover what they are. It has been the most challenging and meaningful experience of my life so far, and I would recommend it to all those wanna-be teachers who are willing to improve substantially and put themselves to the test. There will be sleepless nights, several lesson to plan, four assignments to submit but it’s all worth it!

I’ll be always grateful to Pam, Gaby, Rachel, Katie and my wonderful colleagues for all the things I’ve learnt observing their lessons and following their advice. The end of the course means a further step in my continuous development. I know that I want to continue learning and teaching and learning how to teach.

As Scrivener wisely states: “we can teach and teach. Or we can teach and learn. This kind of teaching, a ‘learning teaching,’ is a refusal to say ‘I know it all.’ Learning teaching is a desire to move forward, to keep learning from what happens. It involves feedback from others and from ourselves about what happened.” And I do not want to let it stop happening.  Ever.

Thank you very much.

Name: Roberta Mannarella
Nationality: Italy
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Manchester
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Manchester, Manchester

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