Helen CELTA Testimonial

Taking the CELTA course in Catania was a great experience. It was tough but it has prepared me for the world of English teaching by making me into a professional and competent teacher.

Pre CELTA Support: I was sent all the information I needed as well as a list of books to read and a handbook explaining every detail of the course long before it began. That was a great help!

Once on the CELTA course ,the lessons were full of practical advice that helped me analyse the different stages of a lesson. By observing experienced teachers as well as my peers, I learnt a variety of teaching techniques that I have been using ever since with good results.

The tutors were friendly and fun to work with and the nice atmosphere in the classroom made it easier to cope with intensive four week course. Overall a very positive experience!

Name: Helen
Nationality: United Kingdom
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Catania
My Rating:
Catania, CELTA, CELTA Catania

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