Khalid CELTA Testimonial

From the outset, planning and executing my own class under observation seemed not only promising, but also intimidating. Yet, with the copacetic measure, supervision and peer support – punctuated with highly appropriate and relevant theory input – that informed the rigorous CELTA program, I grew more in those four weeks, realized more strengths and more effectively honed in on weaknesses than I could have anticipated before entering the program or have done in many a year of previous formal education.

The reason for this is obvious: there is no substitute for learning to do something than by experiencing it. The gratifying sense of development, encouragement and joy when observing my own progress as well as that of a number of my students, which characterized my CELTA course, was the most rewarding aspect for me.

Set in the lovely city of Cape Town, the Teacher Training Center there offered an ideal physical and social setting for the four-week program, with students from all over the world and teachers and staff that uphold the city’s renowned local hospitality. But the heart of the experience rests with the tutors, who made the CELTA training course every bit as instructive, pleasurable and fulfilling as could have been asked for, and much more.

At first, preparing for and executing your own class only to be scrupulously criticized from almost every angle, week in and week out, might seem daunting. But it was the remarkably consistent accuracy, appropriacy, encouragement and constructiveness of that criticism, always couched in a highly professional yet endearing conveyance, which made my two tutors truly special.

I would recommend the CELTA Teacher Training course in Cape Town to anyone with the right hard-working earnestness, dedication and motivation; for the more you put into it, the more you are guaranteed to get out of it. I wish all my other education was of such a direct and experiential approach!

Name: Khalid Kala
Nationality: Botswana
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Cape Town
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