Luke CELTA Testimonial

I chose to do a CELTA because I believed it would greatly increase my chances of finding a teaching position. I reached this conclusion after doing a fair bit of research into potential positions.

The vast majority, if not all of, these positions recognize the CELTA and list it as a factor that will increase your chances of being employed.

This research was confirmed when I came to Japan and started to interview for positions, my CELTA was mentioned in all of my interviews, it was certainly something employers were interested in. More importantly though, the CELTA did genuinely give me the skills and the practice I needed to become a teacher.

If you have no teaching experience whatsoever, like me, then I think the CELTA is a must have qualification. Linked to this is the fact that interviews are nerve racking, having the CELTA definitely makes them more manageable, personally I think I would have struggled to go into interviews and managed to sound employable had I been unaware of the teaching skills I learned during my CELTA.

I reached the decision to take the CELTA through StudyCELTA in Bournemouth after making phone calls to various schools in Bournemouth and London.

I am extremely happy with the choice I made and would recommend it to anyone, though I have no personal experience of other schools, a close friend took the course at another school in Bournemouth shortly before me, and my girlfriend took the course in London, both of their experiences are not entirely positive.

The staff members at the Training Center in Bournemouth did their best to help us all in every way they could, they are highly professional, good fun and most importantly great teachers themselves with lots of experience.

I really enjoyed my time at the School thanks to the staff, and the mix of people who took the CELTA course, the latter being a really funny mix of ages, nationalities and personalities, a couple of whom I’m still in touch with.

I am now teaching English in Osaka, Japan, the money is good, the food is great and I am really enjoying the country.

My work is interesting and quite satisfying, and I don’t have to work too many hours a week. The job I found is with one of the major language schools here. I emailed them from the UK and set up an interview for a week after I arrived.

They asked about my CELTA in the interview stage, and asked me to go through a potential lesson, which would have been pretty difficult if I hadn’t had some knowledge of teaching practices; this is why I think, that it was because of having taken the CELTA course that I was offered the job.

In terms of actually working, my CELTA is a benefit to me on a daily basis. The company training I received was relatively limited, I think it would be very difficult to quickly become a good teacher with the training your company is likely to provide you. If you have no teaching experience you will struggle when you do find a job and having a CELTA definitely makes this easier.

Although it might be possible to move abroad and find ESL teaching work without a CELTA, if you do not have experience you will struggle, not just to find a job, but to hold onto it once you have it. So I would recommend doing a CELTA, and I would recommend doing it in Bournemouth, I really enjoyed my time there, I miss it and would definitely do it all over.

Name: Luke Brooks
Nationality: United Kingdom
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Bournemouth (Winton)
My Rating:
Bournemouth (Winton), CELTA, CELTA Bournemouth

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