Well, every bit of advice I had read or been given about the enormity of this course was true (and more). But equally, the personal and professional growth you encounter upon completion is also true. I feel I have climbed a mountain and the satisfaction is huge.

It is only Day 1 post-CELTA for me so the exhaustion hasn’t worn off yet, but I am excited to be embarking on a new teaching direction soon and feel like my CELTA preparation has been invaluable.

The school in Siem Reap is a perfect place to study. The tutors are fantastic, the Cambodian students delightful and the school and it’s resources very good. Oh…and the roof top cafe is really handy and has great food. I would recommend doing the package if it’s on offer. With fees, accommodation and meals all catered for (at such a reasonable price) it allowed me to solely focus on the study and trust me, you need every spare minute available!

I would also recommend arriving at least a week early to acclimatise and become acquainted with the area and some of the tourist things. I didn’t allow myself enough time so felt a bit culture shocked initially but I’m looking forward to being a ‘tourist’ post course.

So, prepare for a roller-coaster of a ride and know that for four weeks you will do nothing except CELTA….but it’s only 4 weeks.

Name: Sue Edmundson
Nationality: New Zealander
Course Type: CELTA Full-time
Course Location: Siem Reap
My Rating:
CELTA, CELTA Siem Reap, Siem Reap

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