Nicole CELTA Bali

The facilities were okay, the staff were all amazing and we had access to all our supplies and books. The tutors made this course so enjoyable! Looking back, couldn’t imagine having awful or mean tutors. Our tutors were supportive, wise, and gave us all the support we needed.

I have just recently finished the course but I can tell you, I could see the improvement and progress during my teaching practices. I improved greatly from TP 1 to TP 8 thanks to CELTA and my amazing tutors. I feel I have a much better understanding of teaching and the English language. Best investment I’ve ever made!

My advice is to take it serious! It will be a lot of work but it’s all geared to make you a better teacher. Always try to grow from the feed back and really get to know the staff, tutors, students and classmates. It’s overall a wonderful experience!

I am continuing to work as a private teacher in China. I will eventually use my CELTA to go on to subject teaching at high school or college level.

Name: Nicole Elissa Cory
Nationality: USA
Course Type: CELTA
Course Location: Bali
My Rating:

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