Olena Delta Testimonial

I did the intensive Delta course in Seville, Spain. I personally found it quite tough to do all three Modules at once. I would recommend doing Module 1 first to get better awareness of ELT terminology, history and principles; or Modules 1 and 3 together.

Module 2 takes the longest time (6 weeks) and is the most intense. So, those who are planning to do it have to be prepared to be able to combine everyday input sessions with teaching practice and writing assignments, and taking the exam in the end. All of this is quite stressful, so much concentration, self-discipline and stamina is required.

What I liked most during the course were input sessions. I found out lots of new and interesting information concerning methodology and other aspects of ESL/EFL teaching. I particularly liked the opportunity to share ideas between professional peers when we were given time for it. Besides, during teaching practice, peer observations and feedback gave valuable insights into my strengths and weaknesses outlining the areas for further development.

I appreciate the Delta tutors being knowledgeable and supportive. All three of them contributed significantly into my professional awareness and growth. I am much more confident now in what I am doing in class and I see the ways of applying my new valuable experience. Currently, I am combining teaching students of higher levels with giving teacher training sessions for junior teachers at my school. I would recommend the Delta course to teachers who want to develop professionally to the next level. It widens the horizons of better understanding of our students’ needs and applying result-oriented teaching techniques more efficiently.

Name: Olena Koshovska
Nationality: Ukraine
Course Type: Delta
Course Location: Seville
My Rating:
Delta, Delta Seville, Seville

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